Obama: A Rare Breed of Christian Convert?

Christians expect converts to renounce, worship and witness, but Obama is reticent


01/15/2013 06:18:44 AM

Call it popular Christianity. A lie. A falsity. People like Obama use Jesus to fool people. If he were a true servant of God, he wouldn't be President. Politics are a tool of Satan. Obama is both an idol and a liar. The churches produce millions upon millions of what the Bible calls "fools" who follow a false doctrine. Jesus never once led us to believe that we simply believe he died for our sins to be saved. While He was alive, He told us and showed us how to live as servants of God. All who followed Him gave up their worldly lives. He did the same well before His death. We are incapable to knowing God without separating ourselves from the ways of the world. It is a common lie to think Jesus paid the price in a way that we do nothing. Jesus TOLD US nothing would change. He gave us a way. But we are still expected to sacrifice our life and surrender to God. To serve Him is to LITERALLY serve Him. Society makes us live for our own purpose. God is on the back burner. Our children are consorting with Godless children. They are watching evil animations and being led to behave like the wicked celebrities. There is mass brainwashing going on to redefine meanings and norms. It is a Godless era. Children MUST be raised at home and educated by the wise Godly servants we call parents. He gave parents the duty to raise their children. Any other way is a FAILURE. Wake yourselves up. get out of the secular influenced churches and give up this life. Study the Bible at home and show God He is the most important thing in your life. raise HIS children the way He expects you to. Stop conforming to a Godless world. Else, you will be in for a very unpleasant surprise tomorrow.