Heather McGill Fights For Her Marriage

heather mcgill

Heather McGill is married to an Alabama senator and reached her "last straw moment" the other day.  Her husband has a Facebook page and has been receiving pictures, suggestive messages and even had strippers show up on their front lawn.  So Heather sent them a message on morality and marriage and it has gone viral.

Jim and I celebrated our 33rd anniversary recently.  When we married we stood before God at the altar of our church because we didn't just promise each other "I do" - we promised God.  So did Heather and her husband, Shadrack.  They are strong, faithful Christians who are raising three girls.  The Facebook attacks and harassment are a direct result of the fact that they are very open about their faith and their values.   So Heather is fighting for her man, her marriage and her family.  And I want to say, "YOU GO GIRL!!!"


Heather and I value our marriages because we value what God has created.  And when we fight for what God has said and done, we serve God's purpose.  I just finished writing a Bible study from Matthew, Chapter 19.  The Pharisees were trying to entrap Jesus so they asked him what he thought about divorce.  John the Baptist had been beheaded because he spoke up about Herod Antipas divorcing his wife so he could move in a newer model.  (That sin has been around a LONG time!) 

Moses wrote laws for divorce in Deuteronomy 24:1-4.  Moses didn't write those laws to endorse divorce, he wrote them because he knew it was going to happen.  Moses was trying to limit divorce and the sins that would accumulate after.

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Janet Denison
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