Not So Bad?

There is value in finding the good in Michael Jackson, now that his trial is behind him.


11/08/2009 07:57:42 AM

this site should be ashamed of themselves for posting rubbish like this on as their content...I thought this is a positive site, yet this article is quite negative, and since when are you the judge of anyone? what is your purpose with articles like this one? as to Mr. Rabbi S., you are PATHETIC..... what kind of a friend...rabbi....counselor are you ??? people come to you in confindence and you break it? so much for your CREDIBILITY of being a so called "confidant". do you go and trumpet publicly all of your patients' and friends' problems ??? SHAME ON YOU! no respect for you sir. all my respects to Michael Jackson's memory and to his family! and sincerest apologies for all the bad stuff they have to hear from all the "so called "friends" of Michael's!


07/05/2009 10:08:52 PM

can somebody tell me is there is more to this article? or is only one page article thank u


06/17/2005 12:16:43 PM

I have no doubt that Michael is a good person deep in his heart. A good person who lacks wisdom & light. KIND6004, Thanks for the time you spent to say everything I had in mind! Cheers,,,


06/17/2005 10:15:03 AM

Far more important than this case itself is America's unfortunate tendency to obsess over the famous. This one case drew national attentional, but child abuse is a routine fact of life throughout the world. Why focus so obsessively on this one case? Well, it's over. The jury found (correctly, in my view) that the evidence was not strong enough to warrant a verdict of "guilty." The unanswered question is NOT whether Jackson really did something wrong, but why our obsession with famous people blinds us to the daily horror of anonymous child abuse... and why that same obsession led parents to let their children stay overnight at a famous person's house. (Honestly, would they have let their kids stay over at a non-famous stranger's house?)


06/17/2005 09:01:37 AM

Many who watched the court cable television show felt that Micheal would be vindicated. The press keeps saying things to inflame a negative perception of Micheal referring to Child as Cancer Victim, to further in flame the perception that this is an extreme case of abuse. Not looking at the mothers past and using her children in her schemes. I think Micheal lacks wisdom, about society, and what is acceptable behavior, and unexceptable behavior and he wants to experience the childhood he never had. But I only hope that someone sits down and explains to him, that the not guilty verdict, does not mean that he should continue to allow other peoples children in his bedroom. He is an adult now has kids of his own. Spend time with them, read child care booklets find out that dangling children out of windows and other behaviors are not appropriate in any country. He is going to practice what he has been taught unless he spends time dedicated to finding out what is correct.


06/17/2005 12:33:58 AM

Briefly, Michael is not a "normal" person because of his abnormal “stardom life” from childhood. To expect him to “normal” be is not being honest with reality. Regardless, as a psychologist, I believe he is right about the sinister developments of human personality from not having positive affirmations from parents, guardians and peers. He is freed from human jail, yes, but sentenced to life in prison of his material body - by G-d, until he physically dies and sheds it. And – mostly importantly – he must face mirrors and the truth that will comfort him if he is truly innocent or torture him if truly guilty.


06/17/2005 12:32:30 AM

Sometimes it seems better to cast even the smallest stone I can find at something which, for one reason or another, I just can't seem to keep from coming between that which I revere and myself. I hope that is somehow helpful. Naturally I apologize for my intrusion – and peace be unto you.


06/16/2005 07:23:25 PM

continued again: As far as Michael wanting love, there is enough love in this universe for all of us who so desires to accept it. Hashem, G-d, or whatever you name your higher power has abundant love that and the love of self is the only thing we can really count on. We cannot make our parents love us or anyone else for that matter. I wish Michael much love and hope he treads more carefully in the future. He could do so much good and I hope he continues his path. Love and Light....LeahRachel.


06/16/2005 07:17:34 PM

continued: I remember the crime you spoke of in England, and yes a heinous crime committed by children. And, yes at this point forgiveness would be the only thing that could help them. They have been locked away in a detention facility for youth and I am sure what comes out of there will be much worse than what went in.


06/16/2005 07:15:40 PM

Rebbe: No offense but, would you have submitted this article if Michael Jackson had been found guilty of abusing a child? I understand that Michael Jackson is living in a world he created because he did not care for the real one. I don't blame him but, we still have to deal with the realities of social norms. Unfortunately, there have been so many children exploited that sleeping with a child not your own is totally a bad judgement call. Even our own children once they reach a certain age are banished from the parental bed.