Courage Under Fire: Profile of Archbishop Pius Ncube

A Catholic cleric who has earned praise for confronting Zimbabwe's dictator plays a prophetic role in battling oppression.


06/25/2005 07:15:41 PM

Catholic Archbishop Pius Ncube and brave reporter Julius Dawu are heros in the on-going stuggle for humanity and decency in Zimbabwe, currently terrorized by an evil dictator. All who read this should say a special prayer for Archbishop Ncube and reporter Mr. Dawu, as well as the millions who suffer every day under this evil regime. It's another great example that Americans should be thankful we live in a country where ideas are not persecuted. Just like Iraq, America should have the guts to outst evil dictators, even though the cost of such a fight might be terrible. Many Americans don't realize that every day in Mexico dozens are killed in the current govnment battle against drug lords. The daily Mexican death count doesn't make the news like it does from Iraq. I salute the brave across the globe whose goals are a better world for all including the heroic & brave members of the American military.


06/24/2005 08:07:52 AM

These Africian Bishops have spiritual guts. Unlike too many American Christians...they are willing to stand up and even risk their lives for Jesus.


06/15/2005 01:46:19 PM

Verily to Him we belong. And verily to Him we return. Hopefully that wouldn't seem overly off-topic. And indeed Pharaoh was clearly an oppressor.


06/15/2005 01:28:41 PM

"We pray that God may take [the President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, a Catholic], because there is no way to change him, [we] do not want him to be removed violently but on the other hand we have a right to pray. The Israelites prayed to God to deliver them from Egypt--from Pharoah, who was an oppressor. And so we also ask that God may deliver us and take this man away... In my view, it is justified that we pray to God to take him." --Archbishop Pius Ncube