Bono: 'What's Your Big Idea?'

Rocker Bono tells this year's grads about his struggle to help end AIDS and poverty in Africa, and why he loves America.


06/20/2004 03:54:23 PM

I know Bono has said in the past that he feels he's been given a responsibility to use his fame as a bully pulpit for effecting positive change in the world, but I honestly don't think he truly realizes what a gift of eloquence he's been given. What an amazing speech.


06/20/2004 12:49:46 PM

I don't know Bono as a musician, but I do know him as a man of conviction and dedication to the people of Africa and their needs. His words to these recent graduates could and should be words that we all heed. Africa needs help from people who believe that poverty, hunger, and disease can and should be things of the past. If these graduates did not get an education about this during college, Bono provided it for them in his speech. We all should be so educated! I thank him for this. We, in America, need to look around us at the poverty and unequal advantages of those in our own country, also. Good works can start at home!


06/17/2004 10:39:19 AM

The kids that got to hear this talk live were indeed fortunate. Wise words.


06/16/2004 07:09:55 PM

God love ye, Bono. :-D One of our modern prophets, albeit no saint. I'm in awe of him. Also I like to play Elevation real loud and sing along.


06/09/2004 01:52:52 AM

This country (which I am now, finally a citizen of! yay!) is blessed with so many things which we do not even realize.We take soo much forgranted! (myself, unfortunately, is included) The basic freedoms; to chose where we live, how we live, what we do, whether or not we become educated, or even what we eat. People are not remembered for their wealth, or their material things. That's a foundation built on illusions and sand. It is the impact on another's life which is always uplifted and memorialized! I've been a big fan of U2 since early high school. They're music is an uplifting blessing and it's awesome that Bono came to speak at Univ of PA. It would be awesome to have a commencement speaker like Bono talk at UC Davis in 06. (hint, hint graduatation is in June);-)


06/05/2004 11:23:09 AM

Those who actually did "Defy their age" are the very same men and women who we, the inheritors of America hold up to ourselves and all the world as best representing her-----Benjamin Franklin, William Lloyd Garrison, Abraham Lincoln Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King..etc. These were not people who were fully appreciated in their time, many were villified and harassed. All those nameless Americans, who agreed with the then current status of oppression and inequality, are not even remembered or heralded. It is those who stood up and made a difference and have thereby established this "moral high ground" upon which we stand by virtue of inheritance not necessarily continuance, that we owe our national claim to fame. It is up to us and the coming generations to add to the prestige of America, not by dint of vain self glorification, but by serious service and doing what we know is right even in the face majority disagreement.


06/03/2004 08:43:15 AM

Bono speaks power to truth. The developed world is too rich, educated, and informed to be able to pretend anymore. We have two choices: ignore reality as if we were all of different value; or we can acknowledge reality and begin to make the decisions that can help spur our evolution to a new human paradigm. What are You willing to fight for?