Ronald Reagan, My Christian Hero

He was as pro-life, pro-family, pro-national defense and pro-Israel--as we were.

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In the day after his election in November 1980, he conducted his first press conference as the president-elect. From 3,000 miles away, I listened carefully as a reporter asked him if he would be paying attention to all of these evangelicals and religious conservatives, i.e., "moral majoritarians." He said to this reporter - to us, and to the world - that he would be giving special attention to the people who had helped elect him. And he did.

Early in his first term, I met privately with President Reagan in the Oval Office to communicate to our new leader a list of the major concerns of the so-called "religious right." I was so impressed with his crisp and confident responses, making it very clear to me that he was as pro-life, pro-family, pro-national defense and pro-Israel as we were.

I left that meeting with a fire burning in my heart. In answer to prayer and hard work, God had given us a great leader. The only other person in the room that day was Faith Whittlesey, his very loyal and conservative aide. Whenever I have seen Faith since then, we almost always speak of that special day when our beloved president commissioned me to tell the evangelical world that a new day had dawned in America. And I spent eight years doing so.

I appeal to all believers across this nation to rededicate ourselves to the Reagan agenda. Let us fearlessly stand up for the unborn, the biblical family, a strong national defense and unswerving support for Israel.

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Jerry Falwell
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