Ronald Reagan, My Christian Hero

He was as pro-life, pro-family, pro-national defense and pro-Israel--as we were.


08/14/2004 09:16:09 AM

gorby made up his program of reform to cover up the fact that reagan won over him.The russains where good for that.There is no one who compares to Reagan to day left or right! tobature96 too bad democrats handt had a great leader since fdr oh well soon your kind will sufer the same fate as the whig party did years ago


06/24/2004 02:29:08 PM

A little bit of wishful thinking never hurt anyone so dream on.


06/23/2004 03:19:08 PM

gorby made up his program of reform to cover up the fact that reagan won over him.The russains where good for that.There is no one who compares to Reagan to day left or right!


06/16/2004 10:40:50 AM

If it wasn't for Reagan, the Cold War would have gotten really Hot.


06/13/2004 03:52:04 PM

BKenn01 6/12/04 4:31:02 PM So Gorbachev said it so it must be true huh. Gee I wonder why a majority of Americans remeber it differently. Erm, maybe because Americans didn't actually live in the U.S.S.R.? I would trust Gorbachev's view of the fall of the Soviets over the third-hand opinions of Americans. As for the people who suffered under communism, I doubt the people of Nicaragua or El Salvador are singing the praises of Reagan.


06/12/2004 04:38:59 PM

And if you dont believe me, just go look at some of the posts from people who have lived thru Communist tyrrany. They give Reagan the credit he is due.


06/12/2004 04:37:35 PM

And again yes I think Reagan ended Communism. He broke them. Because he knew their economy could not give them enough money to keep up with America. Because Capatilism prevails over Communism. And it is only a matter of time before Cuba folds.


06/12/2004 04:31:02 PM

So Gorbachev said it so it must be true huh. Gee I wonder why a majority of Americans remeber it differently. As to the FDR and Kennedy being great Presidents. I will give FDR credit. He brought hope to a country that was in the midst of a depression. I do not agree with all of his solutions. But I will not deny that he is loved by many Americans. Especially the Greatest Generation. As to Kennedy, mostly a marter. Wasnt in office long enough to accomplish much of anything. I suspect he was much like his brother Teddy Just another rich white guy who pays lip service to the poor. Oh and I forgot sells out his beliefs for votes.


06/12/2004 03:46:38 PM

As for whether Reagan will be considered alongside Kennedy and FDR, only time will tell. Conservatives have been desperate to have a president that the nation will hold in the same regard as these two noble gentlemen, but unfortunately most Republican presidents have not just had the vision or patriotism to make the cut. Just like Bush has been desperate for a photo-op to use for the election. Remember him on the USS Lincoln? Mission accomplished? Didn't work. How about the visit to the troops on Thanksgiving and that beautiful tray of food? Sorry, the turkey was FAKE!


06/12/2004 03:38:16 PM

So you think Reagan ended Communism. What did he do, talk Communism to death? If “tough” talk and sanctions could have ended Communism, Cuba would have evaporated by now. Rational people know that it was not Reagan who ended Communism, contrary to what conservatives have convinced themselves of. It took a sane, intelligent, humane man in Gorbachev to end Communism. If you cared to read the words of former Secretary Gorbachev, it was he who ended Communism. He said he took one hard look at his country and found that they were spending trillions of dollars on arms when the people did not even have toothpaste to brush their teeth. That was when he started “glasnost” and “perestroika,” the reforms that brought down Communism. He could have refused to do anything like the leaders before him, but a courageous leader does not abandon the real problems of his people. Until we have a man like that in America, this will always be a country divided between the haves and the have-nots.


06/12/2004 03:18:23 PM

He brought America hope again. For that he will never be forgotten. I say God Bless you Ronnie.


06/12/2004 03:15:35 PM

You have lost. Reagan will be placed on the same pedestal as Kennedy, Lincoln and FDR. And he has earned it. I for one was in the 6 th grade when the Gipper made his Evil Empire speech. While the wussy Liberals said you cant say that. He did any way. And thank God he did. You can cry all you want but its done. Reagan will recieve his due credit for ending Communism and solidifing Capitilism as the only one true successful form of operating an Economy.


06/12/2004 03:10:32 PM

As to all this other anti Reagan garbage being spewed. Liberals hated Ronald Reagan because he created an America where success is determined by ones effort. Liberals want an America where every bodys pie is the same size regardless of the effort put forth. It does not work that way.


06/12/2004 03:07:58 PM

I never said that I did not remember Aparthied. It is just irrellavant to Ronald Reagans passing.


06/12/2004 01:44:56 PM

6/10/04 8:52:27 PM tobature, I just cant understand why Liberals are always in such misery. Even when they win. Aparthied is over. Most people dont even remember what you are talking about. Black South Africans sure as h*ll remember Apartheid. It has been only *ten years* since blacks were allowed to vote in South Africa. Is the Holocaust just a relic of the past? Is Hiroshima? It's the conservatives who are living in the past, trying to play up all the "good" things Reagan did.


06/11/2004 11:37:48 AM

Bkenn, so you don't remember apartheid? Well, good for you. If you don't remember, try and ask someone with a better memory. I believe it was Cal Thomas who said that those who refuse to learn from history are not only doomed to repeat its mistakes, they are simply doomed. But this is not about apartheid, it is about simple, fundamental Christian values, the values Jesus Christ cherished, and for which he lived and gave his life. The same values that America's greatest president ever, Abraham Lincoln also cherished, and for which he also gave his life. The very same values for which the most loved man of all nations in the world presently, Nelson Mandela also lived and was prepared to give his life. It may be impossible to make you understand these things, but as people of goodwill, we have to keep trying, in the hope that one day you will get it. It will be a real joy when that day comes.


06/11/2004 11:37:00 AM

1/2 I, too loved Ronald Regan. But I loved him for a different reason—he reminded me in so many ways of the other great leader I adored, of whom Ronald was a pallid reminder—but an reminder none the less. Like the Great Leader, Reagan came upon us when we were in malaise, sickened, doubting our strength, and fearing the deprecations of the communists. Like the great leader, Regan restored our confidence in ourselves and brought us to military greatness. We followed him to glory and disaster. He made us see the rightness in trampling underfoot the vermin who weaken our society. But unlike the great leader, he can be held accountable for only the deaths of 200,000 or so people—Guatamalans and Nicaraguans, mainly. Therein did he fail to achieve the greatness that could have been his due. 200,000 souls is small potatoes by the standards of mass murder and genocide.


06/11/2004 11:36:27 AM

2/2 Like the great leader, Regan restored our confidence in ourselves and brought us to military greatness. We followed him to glory and disaster. He made us see the rightness in trampling underfoot the vermin who weaken our society. But unlike the great leader, he can be held accountable for only the deaths of 200,000 or so people—Guatamalans and Nicaraguans, mainly. Therein did he fail to achieve the greatness that could have been his due. 200,000 souls is small potatoes by the standards of mass murder and genocide. Reagan will arrive in heaven greeted by a chorus of weeping of all the persons his minions killed. But the great leader, now, he will arrive in heaven on a boat floating on the tears of the Jews. Farewell Ronald Reagan, Seig Heil!


06/11/2004 06:56:46 AM

BKenn, How about this for an answer, we remain in misery as long as there is another human being in misery. We won't truly be happy until everyone is valued for who they truly are, and not just on their appearance, use to the system etc. As to the Rich vs Poor thing, I'm not really quailfied to say, but can you show me the poor young black guy who's up for election?


06/10/2004 08:52:26 PM

tobature, I just cant understand why Liberals are always in such misery. Even when they win. Aparthied is over. Most people dont even remember what you are talking about. As to the Rich vs. Poor thing. It amazes me that Liberals always claim that Republicans are for the Rich old White guy. And who do you elect instead. Rich old White guys.


06/10/2004 08:07:26 PM

Bkenn, it's not about playing victim but having a real purpose in life, that of loving your neighbor as yourself. Remember what Jesus said, "a man's life does not consist in the abundance of his material possessions." Lk 12:15 Am employer does not have to be taxed out of existence. He only needs to realize that the hands that make it possible for him to become rich deserve to be equitably compensated. The desire to possess everything leads to evil conduct. The worst crimes in humanity can be traced to the lust of man to acquire wealth by any means necessary, fair or foul. I don't understand why this is so hard for you to understand.


06/10/2004 06:30:45 PM

tobature, its a sad existance running around playing a victim. Bravo, Canadian nuff said. Sage, as a matter of fact trickle down economics does help the poor and middle class. Class warfare is so repulsive. You cannot benefit an employee by regulating and taxing his employer out of buisness. As to Iran Contra. It is way to deep a subject to discuss in 1 paragraph. To the deficit. I say it was worth it to defeat communism.


06/10/2004 05:38:56 PM

President Reagan suffered greatly for the last 10 years or so of his life and for this most people would sympathize. But his very bad record on civil rights must not be glossed over just because the man is dead. He cuddled the apartheid regime of South Africa. A regime that terrorized and murdered poor, innocent Blacks. And he was virtually absent from helping those who needed help the most. Remember the first message Jesus preached in his hometown of Nazareth? He said, "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to preach the good news to the poor; he has sent me to heal the brokenhearted, etc." Luke 4:18. This man was no lover of what Jesus taught. He may have gone to church and said Lord, Lord. Anybody can say, Lord, Lord. Jesus says, "Do the will of God."


06/10/2004 02:22:01 PM

My Christian hero is Mother Theresa, a courageous person who devoted her life to helping the poor, not to tax cuts for the wealthy and a war on the Bill of Rights and the environment.


06/10/2004 01:50:25 PM

The fact is that, unless the most recent book I read was completely untruthful, the Reagan era was one of dishonest officials, benefits for corporations alone, and the stagnant running of government. Never mind the fact that the Repubs seem to be against equal rights etc. and to support segregationist laws. It's Bush, a Republican who is taking away the rights of his citizens where as at least one or two Democrats were more inclined to protect American rights.


06/10/2004 01:45:06 PM

For the record, in the 1980s, I was not asleep; I was still in high school; therefore I relied, unfortunately, on the media for what little political knowledge I had then. I certainly wasn't seeking it. Being a Canadian I was more concerned about the fact that my alleged prime minister was "slipping" about with an actor turned politician. I've read up on how Carter apparently let things get away from him and put his foot in his mouth but ethically speaking, I'd say he was twice the man that Reagan was while in office. Now the books out today are often less than objective and perhaps even untruthful.


06/10/2004 11:38:45 AM

I think most all of us, know matter our beliefs have some memories of President Reagan, both good and maybe not so good. Was he perfect? Of course not. My only real problem with people such as Mr. Falwell is his total disregard of history when it comes to some issues. President Reagan didn't do much at all to try and stop abortion in this country. He didn't view it as his mission. He was personally opposed to abortion, but thought we should make up our own minds. The proff of this is in the pudding. Look who was the leader of California in 1973 when our abortion law was passed and signed here in our great state. Mr. Reagan signed into law our abortion law we have today. That is not pro life. President Reagan spoke the walk so that he could receive the nomination of his party in 1980, but for the issue of abortion, he didn't walk the walk.


06/10/2004 11:13:04 AM

If there is a hell, Reagan is burning there now. He had blood on his hands, financing death sqauds in Latin America, ones that murdered and raped peasants, priests and nuns. I am sick of conservative Christians making excuses and trivializing the suffering of people in other countries, like Latin America and Iraq. The US is now empire, and like the Whore of Babylon is drunk on the blood of the martyrs. This is not a Christian country: The New Testament does not condone might makes right ethics, does not promote greed, all of which Christians enthusiastically accept from the Reagan- Bush people. Be a Christian first, an American second.


06/10/2004 11:01:29 AM

BKenn01 - Trickle down economics are beneficial to the middle class and the poor. A concentration of wealth and power in a small minority of Americans is an example of sound democracy. US support of oppressive, murderous, Central American governments, in the effort to destroy a peasant uprising is fantastic foreign policy. TRIPLING the national debt shows fiscal responsibility. Fairytales brought to you by the Fascist Party of America. Had George Orwell written “1984” in the 80’s, Big Brother may have been The Republican Party.


06/09/2004 11:42:16 PM

Wow, look at all the drink the Kool Aid Liberals here. JFK defeated communism, The New Deal was a success. These and other interesting Fairy Tales brought to you by the Socialist party of America. Beam me up Scotty, there is not intelligent life down here.


06/09/2004 11:39:07 PM

Bravo, did you sleep thru the 80's? Do you not remember how bad things were in 1979 before he took office. Do you not remember "Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall" As much as I totally disagree with the accomplishments of FDR, I would never say he was not a successful President. Gosh Man Denial is not a river in Egypt.


06/09/2004 08:03:39 PM

Furthermore, although Falwell may be a Christian, I do not necessarily support all or anything this man says. He is not infallible and therefore not worthy of reverence or perhaps even more than basic human respect. Some issues we may agree on but some we may not. The most important thing for him or myself should be how we stand in the light of the teachings of Jesus and the Bible.


06/09/2004 08:00:30 PM

Furthermore, although Reagan (GOD rest his soul) may be a Christian, I do not support all of his actions and beliefs. It has been written that he was one of the least accomplished of the Presidents when performing acts or bringing in legislation. Should we applaud "laziness"? I think not. Also his support of his electing populace should not be at the expense of those that didn't elect him. That would be favouritism. A politician must and should act on behalf of all his constituents. Where desires conflict then they must choose the best decision, the most fair.


06/09/2004 07:55:44 PM

When it comes to unswerving support of Israel, is that even when the nation commits atrocities against its own people and other peoples? The nation Israel is not the same as what is in the Bible necessarily and also, even in beloved Israel, there are evildoers. From day one, not all Israelites followed the Lord their GOD. To say that we support all actions of Israel, I think is foolish.


06/09/2004 05:20:16 PM

I am really appalled at some of the language at hate being spewed out against these 2 Americans. There are some obvious homosexuals trying to justify their lifestyle by saying Jesus didn't say anything against them, so, therefore it's ok. HOGWASH I guess there are people trying to justify their own behavior by saying that Ronald Reagan got divorced, didn't go to church while president, etc., yada, yada, yada. AGAIN HOGWASH. There are also obvious Palestinian apologests who think supporting Israel is against the Bible. Read the promise God gave to Abraham and you'll find out why. Finally, I would like someone to say 1 thing that was said by Jerry Fallwell that is so "evil". I doubt anyone will find anything that he said that wasn't factual or Biblical. He just isn't "politically correct" in his words. Just remember what your mother used to tell you, "If you don't have anything nice to say about someone, don't say it." Thanks for allowing my 2 cents worth.


06/09/2004 12:36:52 PM

President Reagan's legacy is more than the fall of the Soviets - it is a return to the belief that this nation is the greatest nation on the earth. The 70's was not a good time for this nation. The bad economy, War, Watergate, the birth of PC-ism and the butchering of competition & self-sacrifice. Reagan came along and REMINDED us that this nation was founded on the principles that you can achieve anything if you believe in your cause; are willing to work for it; and stand up to those who disagree with you. When the experts said it was "voodoo economics", he disagreed. Now many of the people that profited so greatly from the policies of Reagan are the very people trying to deny their fortune, give credit elsewhere - while trying to protect their stash and pass the cost of their valueless ideals on to the middle class. Say what you will. He believed in your right to do that. But don't diminsh his leagcy with your political venom to build yourselves up as being "holier than thou".


06/09/2004 10:27:13 AM

Jack Kennedy stood up to Kruschev, Kruschev backed down and was deposed, and the slow decline of Soviet Union Began. The Cuban missile crisis was the turning point in the cold war, like Gettysburg in the civil war. Bush was President when the wall finally fell. Historians will give Kennedy the credit for standing up to the Communists and causing them to blink. That is when the tide turned for us.


06/09/2004 10:04:40 AM

With the exception of our current “president”, Ronald Reagan was the worst president of the 20th century. His economic philosophy/policies (slashing social programs, de-regulation, and regressive taxation) sought to reverse those put in place by the 20th century’s greatest president, FDR. It should be noted that the one-term Republican president that FDR replaced (Hubert Hoover), had an economic vision very similar to Reagan’s. The nation faced a depression, and Hoover refused to intervene via government resources. This laissez faire approach became Hoover’s downfall, as his support plummeted, and FDR was elected. The New Deal unleashed was not only the antidote needed to counter the depression, but it also lead to the great economic boom of the 1950s. FDR, a visionary, knew that unrestrained capitalism conflicted with democracy itself. After the dust settles, Reagan will be remembered for being a proponent of what are essentially 19th century, economic policies.


06/09/2004 08:08:38 AM

Reagan is one of the greatest presidents of America has ever had, the greatest in the post-WWII era. It proves in his death, that those who were blinded to his greatest during his administration, are still blinded. To those people, do everyone a favor as we greive, don't show your poor upbringing.


06/09/2004 02:42:36 AM

I loved Ronald Reagans positive outlook and am glad to see him honored in his death. It is shameful to read comments from Christians that are so full of hate. I think that Jimmy Carter is a simpleton that has never met a dictator that he didn't like. And Bill Clinton has never looked up a skirt that he didn't like. These men are always going to be remembered for their weaknesses not for their strength. Reagan, though flawed, we all are, stood for what he believed in, even with opposition, and did what he said he was going to do. He also gave this nation hope in a better tomorrow. We are a nation or people that strive to be the best and to achieve great things. We also are a nation of givers. Even though I disagree with the Democrats I do not despise them. They are entitled to believe what they want. However, so am I and we can agree to disagree without personal attacks. I do not hate Carter or Clinton, but I would not turn to either in the event of crisis or for advice.


06/08/2004 11:31:24 PM

Liberals hated Reagan because he beat them and he beat them and he beat them. The 18% according to recent polls who call themselves Liberal could not understand how this person that they percieved as inferior to them was loved so much by the rest of us. It was because he led by example. The glass was half full. I was a Reaganite when I was 18 and making $3.35 per hour and I sure dont see a reason to change now. God bless you Ronnie. You were the greatest!


06/08/2004 10:27:43 PM

And in response to a previous post... As far as I know, Jimmy Carter was a good man whose name could easily join the list in my previous post. It does not honor Reagan or Christianity to demonize Carter. -Blessings! bi


06/08/2004 10:20:18 PM

I appreciate md's balance comments on Reagan... It's amazing how unheroic heroes look close up. Look at Moses (murderer and more), or Abraham, or St. Peter, or Eisenhower, or Martin Luther King, or (add name here)__________. What seems to make them heroes is what they did in the pinch... when the going got tough or when everything looked dark. Maybe even what they stood for. They did not perfectly practice what they believed, but they continued to believe and try their human best to work out that belief. We consider them heroes for what they attempted to accomplish and what they did accomplish. History still hasn't decided if George W. Bush will be considered a hero for his leadership in 911. I wonder what the pen of history will say when he passes from the scene. -bi


06/08/2004 08:19:11 PM

subtleguy1--If you want an honest answer, this computer is at my friend's travel agency where I help out part-time. I have a laptop at home, given to me by a relative, but it doesn't have Internet access. None of this is related in any way to Reaganomics or anyone's tax rebate (which I have yet to see a penny of)... --Cearrai


06/08/2004 07:04:20 PM

Ha! I was just looking at the Falwell Confidential site and it turns out that he first saw his wife (of 40 yrs - WTG) the night he "converted to Jesus Christ" and less than a year later, they were together (not married, just dating)...after he wisked her from her fiance - who coincidentally was his college dorm roommate in that same much hilarity. Now, I need to stop ragging on this man.


06/08/2004 06:37:00 PM

I'm sure Reagan did some great things for our country - and I'm also sure he did some not-so-great things. He was human. I just find hilarity in people like Jerry Falwell pointing out what a great man he was - "pro-family" etc. They're so caught up in anti-homosexual, and anti-pro-choice that they full on look over the fact that this guy was divorced. Nothing says bringing the family together more than that. This statement is not to reduce Reagan in anyway - he was who he was. I just find it...hypocritical...on the part of many to select somethings as the transverse evil of the world and totally overlook and/or accept other things. Personally, I believe it's all about a closer relationship with God and with our fellow people - around the world and at home. Kind of sad others miss out on that.


06/08/2004 06:33:02 PM

Cearrai- Obviously, you have acess to your own computer. Unless it was given to you as a gift, your hard work has brought it into your home. Glad to see that you are a Reagan success! Hard work is its own reward. I'd love to know if one of the Bush tax rebates helped you to purchase the computer.....


06/08/2004 05:53:13 PM

Also, as someone who was homeless at one time (more than once, in fact), I still recall Reagan and his cronies suggesting that homeless people were "homeless by choice", and poor people (even those with one or more full-time jobs) "didn't want to work". --Cearrai


06/08/2004 05:49:54 PM

Both Reagan and Falwell did a great deal to alienate me as a progressive from both my own country and my own church. Falwell is the very one who encouraged people to support the apartheid system in South Africa in the 1980's, even encouraging people to invest in gold Krugerrands. Reagan and Falwell both spread the message that people like me did not belong and were not welcome in America or the Christian community. They both made my fellow liberals and feminists afraid to identify ourselves as such by demonizing liberalism and feminism. I am happy that President Reagan is finally free of the terrible disease that destroyed his mind, but I certainly don't miss the era when he and Falwell were the PC thought police...


06/08/2004 05:41:42 PM

Ronald Reagan's vision, virtue and leadership has and will continue to withstand and defeat the attempts of revisionist historians to lie and denigrate the accomplishments of the greatest president of the 20th century. Ronald Reagan saw an evil empire, opposed it and defeated it. He saw and loved the greatness that is America, fully believing that any person willing to invest themselves into it could become all that their Creator wanted them to be. We sleep tonight without the threat of nuclear annihilation and we prosper in an ever booming and burgeoning economy. These are just a few of the many gifts Reagan left for us. While other past presidents are still trying to craft their own legacy, Reagan's was intact since 1988 and will remain so for all future generations. Time will only increase his stature.


06/08/2004 12:48:31 PM

Dear God, While a lot of nice people probably live there, and though it is sincerely believed by some, please forgive the rest of us who do not believe that Lynchburg, Virginia, is the centre of the universe.


06/08/2004 11:48:48 AM

Falwell is as dishonest and greedy as they come. Don't worry about him...


06/08/2004 11:20:28 AM

All politicians have to lie. With that said Reagan was the greatest fibber of them all. When Dubya lies, you can tell it kills him inside. He stumbles over his words or forgets what he is saying all together. Not Reagan-he was great in that he could dupe you on anything. Though I was in junior high when that horrible war in Nicaragua was taking place, I can remember Reagan saying something about the horrible Democrats that supported Communism in Nicaragua. I beleived him a the time. So did my parents. Niether my parents or myself have ever supported Communism. However, little did we know that the so called Democratic resistance was raping and killing innnocents and had no ineterest in freedom. So, I wonder if the farmer in Nicaragua who to this day can not farm on his scorched fields sees Mr. Reagan as a Christian hero. With all due respect to the office of President, Jerry Fallwell has once again spoke as if he has lost all good sense.


06/08/2004 11:09:50 AM

I think two quotes are appropriate. First, Donne who said, "Every man's death diminishes me". Therefore, I am sorry for the loss of President Reagan. Second, Shakespear who said, "Nothing in his life became him like the leaving of it". I believe that too many people are trying to make a hero of a man in death who was less than heroic in life. Reagan started a cultural revolution that blamed the poor for their poverty, and worshiped the wealthy. He returned us to a foreign policy that was about brutally enforcing American corporate interests (Central America was our own personal bloodbath in the '80s.)


06/08/2004 10:57:18 AM

Heh. I'm fairly right wing myself, and even I see stpaulphilip's comments as rather spooky... Talk about hero worship. "Righteous"? No... I thought you Christian types attached this term to no man?


06/08/2004 10:42:44 AM

acolytejohn - Jesus was rightwing? So he'd support trickle down economics that lead to a greater division between the haves, and have-nots? Face reality – Evangelical Christians champion the bourgeois. Jesus was an advocate of the poor, the sick, the forgotten members of society. In other words, a segment of society Republican Conservatives like Reagan marginalized, in favor of preservation of the status-quo. I’ll say it again. Christ was a leftist liberal


06/08/2004 10:21:24 AM

Too bad Mr. Reagan supported apartheid in South Africa! Let's see what Archbishob Desmond Tutu had to say about this "Christian hero". Peace!


06/08/2004 10:14:24 AM

Jesus was a liberal democrat. He would have supported national health insurance, higher taxes on the wealthy, social programs. He would have eschewed welfare, instead supporting workfare--if you want to work hard, you'd get paid a wage where you could have a decent place to lives, health and dental care, and be treated like everyone. Sort of a moderate, somewhat Capitalistic Socialist like me. He NEVER SAID ONE WORD ABOUT HOMOSEXUALITY. He said a lot about the sin of divorce. If one divorces, one can never remarry, if we take the Bible literally. I don't. I believe a monogamous committed loving relationship for all is what he preached. He did not speak of homosexuality, so I must presume his silence indicates the committed relationship is his same wish for homosexuals.


06/08/2004 09:58:53 AM

Jesus left huh?so he would condone same sex marriage and abortion?


06/08/2004 09:01:56 AM

Stpaul, Do you believe that only liberal-minded people do this? Are not conservatives and republicans exactly the same? This behavior is not specific to a political orientation; to indicate otherwise is to be incredibly deceitful.


06/08/2004 08:57:41 AM

StPaulPhillip – I’ve got news for you. Jesus was a leftist. Would you tell him to “shut up” too?


06/08/2004 07:38:47 AM

Jerry Falwell, respectfully, have you taken leave of your senses? I do not know whether Ronald Reagan was a Christian or not. However, in terms of living a life that measures up to your own standards for Christians, he most definitely did not. Your church believes that divorce is a sin. It believes that sex before marriage is a sin. In Ronald Reagan you elected the country's first divorced president, whose second wife was pregnant with their first child before they were married. Your church preaches that Christians should not neglect worship. Ronald Reagan virtually NEVER attended church. Your church preaches that astrology is of Satan. Yet your "Christian hero" president allowed his wife to bring in astrologers to the White House to advise on matters and to plan his daily schedule. I don't understand how you can insult President Carter, a man who has lived every tenet of the New Testament, while calling President Reagan a "Christian Hero".


06/08/2004 05:34:15 AM

Reagan’s commandment to “tear down these walls” was pure political theatre, not a commandment of faith. Some people believe Reagan’s genius as a leader was to increase military spending in the U.S. so much that the Soviets would have to face a choice of crashing their economy or losing their position as a world leader. The ploy worked, but the cost to our nation went far beyond dollar bills. It is the legacy of homelessness, of total reliance on market forces, and a culture of materialism that flies in the face of the words of Christ. I do not understand how people of faith equate his actions with godliness. He was a politician and the leader of a nation who followed his own political principals and gave Falwell and Robertson legitimacy in exchange for the votes of their followers.


06/07/2004 11:49:12 PM

I remember when President Reagan said to Gorbechev: "Mr. Gorbechev, tear down that wall". And, he did. They listened to him! It was Reagan that probably saved us from having the cold war get really hot.


06/07/2004 09:38:30 PM

Hey now, I spoke nicely of him, just not his company.


06/07/2004 08:36:56 PM

Pres.Regan Was A nice man And A great leader And president.The world is much richer from having Known him And much poorer now that he is gone.Don't Any one in this Country have Any respectand anything niceto say about anyone Anymore? I hope someone has something nice to say About All you that have shown disrespect with your words after you have passed. Mr.Regan thank you for All your hard work and what you done for make it A better place.May your reward In heaven be great.


06/07/2004 08:10:35 PM

Much of what this great man did was admirable. His economic policies were genius, irrefutably. However, I do wish he hadn't been so closely aligned with fanatical weirdos like Falwell.


06/07/2004 06:23:45 PM

Let us fearlessly stand up for the unborn, the biblical family, a strong national defense and unswerving support for Israel. How about fearlessly standing up to love our enemies, care for the poor, and do good to those who hurt us? I suppose Christ's mission is no longer fashionable in Christian circles. What a shame.


06/07/2004 05:13:34 PM

Christ called the love of money “the root of all evil.” Yet many Christians delighted in the Reagan administration’s belief that the money used to benefit all of society through taxes should actually remain in the hands of the individuals who earned it. Under Reagan, hospitals became profit centers. Government institutions and homes for the mentally ill shut down. Homelessness exploded. With the support of Right Wing Christians who believed everything Reagan ever espoused, the richest nation in the world became one of the most uncaring. We remain fertile ground for the corporate greed that prompted Enron’s delight in harming little old grandmothers. Now in our society, everything is for sale. There is nothing that cannot be bought and sold in America’s marketplace – whether it is naming rights for a stadium or Christian trinkets or a presidency. With Reagan leading the way, the Christian Right chose to ignore the most basic of Christ’s teachings: we are to care for one another and not for wealth.


06/07/2004 03:43:13 PM

The "left" did not tell poor school children that ketchup was a "vegetable" in the only meal they probably got to eat--school lunch program. What would Jesus do? What would he say? Jesus was from the "left" just like me. He told the rich to give all they had to the poor--doesn't sound a bit like Reagan to me.


06/07/2004 03:18:00 PM

I should have known the left would take thier suttle stabs at this man even in death.As far as Im concern he twice the man any of them could ever be.


06/07/2004 02:38:15 PM

Well I did vote and campaign in 1980, and it wasn't for the actor in chief. I was more than suspicious of his ability to lead, and yes there were things that he did that I didn't agree with and that turned out NOT in our best interest. We "won" the Cold War only by outspending the Soviets and we're still paying for it. (see GWB's economic "plan" and you'll see it again.) He stacked the courts as best he could. But something happened during that time too, when just because Reagan said something, people believed it, and it happened --of a sort. I'm still scratchin' my head over that. if that makes him great then I guess greatness is being able shuck and jive better than the other guy and you don't even realize it. As far as an obit by Jerry Falwell, I'd consider my life well lived if Jerry cursed my existence and rejoiced when I made my own transition. Peace


06/07/2004 01:48:44 PM

Although, I grew up during his reign in office, I am no more knowledgable about the man or the leader. He was not the sole person responsible for the end of the Cold War as some media are blathering. Pope John Paul played a role as likely did other people. I can say that what I know of Reagan and his policies and his party would have prevented me from ever voting for him. I am no big fan of the Democrats but they are more palatable than the Republicans whom have done much to undermine relations between the American people.


06/07/2004 12:12:42 PM

I admit: I am not old enough to have known Reagan as a president. I also admit, I don't know what kind of man or president he was. And thirdly, I admit I don't understand why his death is apparently so much more important then all the other people who die every day. What I do know, is that I've always learned about Reagan as the president who won 2 elections by having good charisma and never gave more then 2 decent tv-interviews. I've always learned everyone thought the journalist who desperatly wanted an answer to his questions by president Reagan, was thought of as rude by most Americans. I have no idea if this is 100% true. But what I'm positive of, is that you shouldn't determine how good of a person or a president someone is because of his loyalty to Christian values.


06/07/2004 11:05:16 AM

I wasn't quite old enough to vote during Reagan, but would not have. I did not care for his daftness (think Dubya), his hawkishness, or his contempt for the poor and the environment. But even he had more integrity than Jerry F. Figures that the "Moral" Majority would like Reagan so much. I just hope against hope that Reagan's death won't add gasoline to the "reelect Bush" fire. Falwell: Still an idiot.


06/07/2004 10:04:11 AM

"sir!!!!"? you've paid him an indirect compliment, jamesbcurtis! :-(


06/07/2004 09:42:14 AM

I'm Gay, I hate Fallwell. I love Jesus, God created me gay. Apparently Reagan never took the Bible literally either. He divorced and remarried; the Bible, if taken LITERALLY(which ignorant people like Fallwell do), says that ANYONE who divorces must not ever remarry, otherwise they commit adultery. Reagan leaves 2 widows, so does that make him an adulterer, Mr. Fallwell? Explain your hypocrisy, sir!!!!


06/07/2004 09:11:10 AM

Falwell and Reagan support/supported a conservative agenda that makes a mockery of Christian principles. The Jesus I’ve read about in the Bible was clearly anti-status quo, anti-Bourgeois, and would have essentially been, anti-Reagan. Finally, it took me 5 minutes to stop laughing upon reading this from Falwell’s essay, “And he respected the presidency (unlike our 42nd president)”. The current Republican/conservative agenda has disgraced the United States internationally, and will continue to do so beyond the Kerry administration beginning in 2005.


06/07/2004 08:52:54 AM

The loss of faith in the Oval Office,if any, was not due to Carter but to another conservative icon,Nixon. The lack of trust in the 70's wasn't due to libeal social mores,butto the fact that we were lied to about Vietnam,and the Watergate fiasco, which included the Oval Office spying on any threat to its power at the time.


06/07/2004 08:25:03 AM

J Fallwell is quite the comedian!


06/07/2004 12:00:42 AM

So what this article is really saying is that Ronald Reagan helped put Jerry Falwell on the map! There are millions of people who die every year. Most we never hear of, but many without ever having been acknowledged have contributed more to humanity than all of the Presidents and Kings of the world combined. Ronald Reagans death is a time for the worms to come out of the woodwork and bask in the sunshine advancing their own careers and stretching their own egos to the limits. We would rather hear about the little boy who suffered all of his life from cancer, died, was burried and never heard from again. Reagan accomplished some good things, but also created many problems we are now having to live with. His epitaph should read: "Here lies a man who was born, lived, and died. The last ten years of his life was his most important."


06/06/2004 07:41:28 PM

For more information about the plight of Palestinian Christians (at the hands of Israel and Zionist Christians) go to


06/06/2004 07:25:26 PM

Ronal Reagan was an evil man. He is personally responsible for setting this country down it's current track of ultra-individualism, intolerance, and hateful conservatism. And, what HYPOCRISY! For the widow of the man who started the Republican party on it's anti-woman, anti-choice course, to now be campaigning for stem cell research! Please forgive me if I do not mourn this wicked man!


06/06/2004 07:13:10 PM

Why is it "christian" to support Israel "unswervingly". If the Christian God has a chosen people it certainly isn't a people that rejects Christ. Palestine is roughly 10% christian. Israel is 0%. Palestinians; Christians and muslims are having there homes destroyed by Israel. Being humiliated, oppressed and murdered by Israel. What about their persecution? 'For the LORD had said to Moses, "Tell the Israelites, 'You are a stiff-necked people. If I were to go with you even for a moment, I might destroy you.' Exodus 33:5 Though, as a christian, I support Israels right to exist as a state, I do not support there persecution of innocent Palestinians.


06/06/2004 07:04:33 PM

To Jerry Falwell; "1If I speak in the tongues[1] of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal." 1 cor 13 Falwell, you've become a "clanging cymbal" to this world. Especially since your post 9/11 judgments. Whatever happened to preaching the grace of God? You're more interested in pushing a political agenda than being a reflection of Christ's love. Remember, during Christ's time there was a "moral majority", they were called Pharisees.


06/06/2004 06:18:30 PM

Mr.Regan led by the use of ideas. Many disagreed but even so he was very non pompous and one couldn't help like him. His relationship to God was no something paraded but rather a centering force that kept him sure about his mission. As for him being better than either his predecessor or the President after his succussor , thats a stretch he had his flaws and even so he was , is respected.


06/06/2004 05:29:36 PM

Yo, Falwell, Don't give us this "pro-Israel" crap. You and your kind only value Israel because of your twisted view that a gun-toting Anglo-Saxon Jesus Christ is going to have an American-style battle there, and oh, to hell with Jews and Judaism unless they become fundies like you. God have mercy on people like you.


06/06/2004 03:46:24 PM

Iread the title and thought 'gee that was quick'. I had a very cynical thought about JF having this piece on hold just waiting for RR to pass on, but i see it's a reprint from 1992. I used to admire and support RR, but I was mistaken. Whatever good he did is outweighed by by the fact that he served and promoted the class warfare of the rich and priviledged against the poor and middle class. And let's not even mention AIDS.


06/06/2004 03:10:44 PM

I just want to know one thing: can the American public now see the movie about Reagan that the right-wing media censored? The right always talks about 'liberal' media. But this movie on Reagan was censored. So was a 'Nightline' show reading the names of dead U. S. GIs. So was a Super Bowl ad by And the media also attempted to censor Michael Moore's newest movie. Is anyone else scared of the right's attempts to control what Americans see?


06/06/2004 12:37:46 PM

Divorced. Estranged from his children. Unchurched. Sentimental.


06/06/2004 10:51:25 AM

Mr Falwell has no idea what Liberals think that is obvious. Of course he would have as a Christian hero, someone who knew how to play the political cards. That is all it appears he himself knows, that is how he himself insists on presenting religion. However, Reagan had commitment of belief, right or wrong, a charachter treat of both Clinton and Carter. He humanly made mistakes, a trait again shared by the above 2. How said Falwell used this opportunity to support the value and strength of faith to instead, make political swipes. All I can say is that man, never spoke for me.


06/06/2004 10:31:27 AM

Reagan was a brilliant leader and a great President. He was guided by genuine moral vision and communicated his life-affirming optimism with genuine goodwill and good humor. Contrast him with Jerry Falwell, a profoundly mediocre man driven by hate and bitterness, earning a living by perverting the teachings of the Man he claims to worship. Falwell, as usual, would have done better to keep his mouth shut.


06/06/2004 10:25:49 AM

Reagan practiced the politics of material power, ego, fear, and destruction. Reagan served power not people. Carter, by contrast, was a servant of the people. His politics were focused on serving life and unity and love. Carter did not let us down. We let Carter down. We,the people, were not patient or aware enough to allow this kind of politics to take hold. Our national fears of scarcity and our need for affluence, power, and control led us to embrace Reagan politics to assuage our fears. To raise the level of consciousness in government and politics, we, the people, must be patient and tolerant and willing to ride out rough seas of change to raise the human condition. We must release our fears and be willing to share our good fortune and abundance with the rest of the world. And that starts at home, we allow the few to acquire wealth and power at the expense of the many (with the assistance of Bush and Reagan-style politics.)


06/06/2004 10:07:32 AM

I resent Falwell's gratuitous swipes at Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. While neither were perfect, they were both devout Christians, and Carter in particular showed how you could combine a strong intellect (he studied nuclear physics), a strong faith, and a strong sense of moral justice (he has spent the years following his presidency tirelessly supporting Habitat for Humanity). To link him with the "immorality" of the times is very deceptive.


06/06/2004 08:58:45 AM

Falwell is playing on Reagan's popularity to advance his twisted, sick-minded cause. Nice job exploiting a dead president.


06/06/2004 02:18:42 AM

I too am astonished at the co-opting of Reagan as a Christian icon. The man had no less than four astrologers working for him during the course of 50 years. He and Nancy used them as full time consultants after the assassination attempt. He legalized astrological and pyschic services while governor of California (1974) and according to Patty the first time they set foot in a church was when he ran for president. This is a man I would not characterize as Christian unless this is also your Idea of Christian. Of course, I would characterize Jerry as Christian Space Cadet seated next Robertson.


06/06/2004 12:51:52 AM

What on earth could possibly make you think you are starting to like Jerry Falwell?? Next time you feel that way, splash some cold water in your face and snap out of it! Or, as you said so well, just listen to the *** that comes out of the man's mouth.


06/05/2004 10:11:54 PM

This is a typical condescending article by Falwell. Equating being "pro-life, pro-family, pro-national defense and pro-Israel - as we were" with being a "Christian hero" is defamatary to other heroic Christians who do not share Falwell's politics and sounds as an ad hominem attack on another president as well. Ronald Reagan WAS a hero to Americans of many faiths, as of none, and will be respected and fondly remembered despite Falwell's narcisistic desire to co-opt Mr. Reagan's memory into his agenda. And Mrs. Reagan is to be applauded for her courageous stand for the use of stem cell research. If anything, the Reagan's brand of conservatism was, as their Administration itself was fond of pointing out, NOT "extra chromosome conservatism." Lairds' Chapel


06/05/2004 07:23:07 PM

I will take this time to publicly announce my condolences to the Reagans and their friends. My Ronald Reagan find peace with the Lord.


06/05/2004 07:21:55 PM

"Faith in the Oval Office had deteriorated under President Carter" Carter may not have been a very effective president. But the man was and is a devout Christian. He was moved purely by faith and Christlike gentleness (traits not always compatible with strong leadership, esp. in the face of adversity) and I believe he still is. Reagan may have pandered to your wants and desires Jerry, but that does not mean you can question his faith. Every time I think I'm starting to like you, you open your mouth with this kind of shit.