Bad Karma

Torturers are planting horrible seeds in their own hearts and minds. Unfortunately, the same is true for nations.


05/26/2004 09:46:06 AM

I agree with denisemac's comment on 5/18/04. I believe God has nothing to do with this war. They say they are doing this for God, but God didnt tell us to harm our neighbor nor our enemies, but to love them and treat them as you want to be treated. Vengence is the Lord's not man's. When I research on the war and the way the people are being treated, it is no way the God wanted us to resolve this on going childish issue. We should have thought of different ways to oppress this hatred. God bless you all.


05/19/2004 09:48:56 AM

SquirleyWurley, Wonderful, wonderful post. Thank you. You know, there is a tradition in some Buddhist sects to keep a very irritating person at the temple, an irritant to rouse the monks in order to reveal themselves to themselves. Perhaps that is the function of people like Rick. He certainly aroused your eloquence and for that I thank him. Peace...


05/19/2004 02:42:26 AM

Yes, good article and discussion. It seems to me that observing our own reactions, consistently, so that we can listen better and observe what is going on with others more clearly, opens up all kinds of insights about ourselves or others. It is very bothersome that eroding our character or humanity is seen by many as worthwhile, just to prevent a terrorist act. I value what insight and compassion I have, that you could call my character or humanity, far more than I value things like security, safety, comfort, life. My own death, while maintaining character and compassion (you could say your humanity), is preferable to a longer life gained by tormenting someone in order to prevent my own or someone else's death. That's the way I see it. Living with compassion, integrity, character, my humanity, that's a good thing. Dying with those things is going to happene one day, too, and that's a good thing because I like the phrase "this too shall pass"


05/18/2004 11:58:03 PM

im not sure which i enjoyed more the article or the comments. Thank you all. i wonder why with all the healing thoughts and prayers being sent-we have not seen more powerful results of compassion?


05/18/2004 05:48:21 PM

Excellent article, and it is my hope that nonviolence can overcome the hatred predjudice and killing. The Buddhist ideals are not very different from the teachings of Christ, which unfortunately few "Christians" actually follow... Rick, You know it's people like you that scare me more than any terrorists. FYI NONE of the 9/11 hijackers were Iraqis. But I guess it doesn't matter to you because they are all Arabs. Extreme predjudice and a lack of compassion for fellow human beings is a sad statement indeed. I would have hoped the human race could evolve past that. We will end up destroying the earth unless we can eradicate that kind of thinking. Peace and love is the only way. Unfotunately it's hard for me to love people like Rick.


05/18/2004 03:03:12 PM

you know those who supposedly study the bible miss a big point that God tried to teach humans. He said that he would protect us from our enemies. Also that revenge was his. I know most people have heard the story of Solomon but few realize that because he did not cause war that God gve him peace throughout his life. He never went to war not even once. God blessed him in everyway. He prayed constantly for understanding of Gods ways and nothing else. He is the greatest example of all time of how God protects those who believe in him 100% and feel no need to attack ones enemies. God says we do not know who is really sinning or if God is using them to bring about something. Going to war has put God out of the picture.


05/18/2004 09:36:40 AM

rick, After reading your post a paraphrase from Ghandi came to mind... something about enough "eye for an eye" and we all go blind. Peace...


05/17/2004 07:42:28 PM

I believe I agree with ElGabilon. The pictures I've seen printed of the abuse at Abu by the soldiers showed little emotion, rather passive, as though they were following an order. War does breed cruelty. I heard many stories from friends and relatives who were in prison camps during the 2nd WW. A friend I went to H.S. with was a prisonor along with her family in the Phillipians, and when she was 15 or so she suffered a postwar neurological dis-order that pulled her beautiful face into a contorted way a stroke would do. I think God gave us many wonderful religions to investigate and meditate on--trying to fit the best of each together for the good of mankind should really keep all of us so busy we wouldn't have time to pull each other apart with judging, hipocracy and hate. Now wouldn't that be a refreshing change?


05/16/2004 10:42:47 PM

By torturing the Iraqi prisoners we teach them that torture is okay. This is not something that our nations needs to affirm. Torture is commonplace in the middle east. Compassion is a greater blessing and creates unity amongst nations.


05/16/2004 03:01:06 AM

How about a different example. Where is the law that says that a police officer who knows that another police officer is engaging in criminal activity MUST under penalty of law report it to his superior and so forth straight up the chain of command to the police commisioner. And what would happen even though the law does not exist if a police officer did report another officer? WATCH YOUR BACK BROTHER...thats what! So unless you have walked in the shoes of these individuals...insist that the PRESIDENT be charged and so forth right on down the line and not make scapegoats out of the lower ranks, just as the POPE should be charged for derliction of DUTY for not taking care of the pedifile problem that HE KNEW EXISTED.


05/16/2004 02:54:22 AM

Lets get it straight. THEY WERE ORDERED TO DO IT, DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY. These photos reflect a group of people doing someting that from the standpoint of their upbringing is wrong, but from a military point of view is right. Only fools would take that many photos which would convict them. And, they are not fools. Anyone who has ever served in the military KNOWS how difficult it is to disobey an order, legal or illegal. The "you should have known", is the protective shield for the officer ranks, and civilian leaders. Everyone knows what happens to the 'whistle blower'. Loss of pay, loss of promotion, loss of job, ridicule etc. In the military, disobey and your future is down the toilet. WHERE IS THE LAW THAT SAYS "IT IS ILLEGAL TO GIVE AN ILLEGAL ORDER" Therefore why didn't Rumsfeld refuse? The generals? The colonels? The Lt. Colonels? the Majors? The Lieutenents? Warrant Officers?


05/14/2004 07:26:47 PM

I strongly feel the karma produced in the prison itself is at the heart of why this happened. Saddam used that prison and produced lots of bad karma there. Evil lingers within its walls. Then our military began its reign of bad karma. They should have never used the prison for military purposes. The best way to have dealt with the karma of the prison was to either turn it into a postive producing facility or tear it down. It is bad karma to treat all Iragis as if they are all part of the insergents organization. We are now just begining to see the results of how destructive bad karma on this magnitude can be...and it ain't over. It's going to take a huge amount of good karma to balance out this situation. Rev


05/14/2004 08:45:05 AM

This makes so much sense to me. What he is saying, what the Buddha said seems so obvious to me, so grounded in this world. Peace...


05/13/2004 11:48:39 PM

Word. Straight up, Yo. The only thing torture is good at producing is what the torturer wants to hear.