Oprah Named Fourth Person of the Trinity

Popular talk show host deemed to be consubstantial and co-equal with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


04/11/2004 01:20:31 AM

I think that all of us at one time or another should be in the quad. Being that close to the trinity adds to my common sense or enlightenment on a question or action. Think how God, Jesus and the Spirit would influence our lives better at the moment? Place someone else revered in your personal or professional life in the box. It may be surprising how one's attitude may change based upon the topic at hand. As for Oprah, she shows various sides to a situation, and let's the people decide. Oprah has opened "closed doors" for persons in community, state, national and international locations. She has given strength to those who need extra at a particular time. "What would Oprah say?" has a special ring to life. Her show emanates opening up good thought, and possibly exacerbating personal change that can change one's life. ... and once a perspective is received, think outside the box and continue God's mission of hope and understanding. Personal peace to all of us. Happy Easter and Passover.


04/02/2004 07:17:32 PM

That remsrk about Oprah and explicit language, its no big deal, you may not use it yourself as a matter of habit, but nonetheless there are others who do and to conduct the show without explicit language may have meant no show, there are those who must needs be approached on their OWN LEVEL so you dumb down and use the words they understand Pray for THEM that they learn differently and clean up their act. Oprah is OK


04/02/2004 07:12:18 PM

while I have had no contact with the internet for two days and have been off-line I see I have missed a jolly good april fool's day, I was only goig to suggest Oprah for President actually but Oprah for a member of a "quadrinity" nice one darling but just a little too far-fetched LOL though, let her be president for better or worse, others have not done better, and I doubt she would be worse than many of them its a little late in the day for me to be working 01.15 but I trust you realise what I'm on about


04/01/2004 05:53:31 PM

Martha, if you're reading this...THIS WAS THE BEST APRIL FOOLS JOKE I'VE SEEN TODAY! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!! :-)


04/01/2004 05:20:17 PM

Hey, rbethell, what need would Oprah have for a "Prophet of the Month" club (funny, BTW) when so many people all but worship her and hear every word out of her mouth as divinely inspired? I disagree, though, with your take on Spaulding. I liked it! Like they say, no accounting....


04/01/2004 05:18:01 PM

does this mean that we should pray to Oprah??? blessed <


04/01/2004 03:37:09 PM

I am quite sure that some creative theologion can cut and paste bible verses to "prove" that Oprah really is the 4th person in the trinity. After all they did the same thing when they dreamt up the doctrine of the trinty in the first place ! If it is "proven" however the Oprah is the fourth person, wouldn't that have to change to quadrinity ? Should Howard Stern be concerned that Oprah is now a part of the Quadrinity ? I heard that he wants to have her investigated on obscenity charges for a show she did that used sexually explict langauge.


04/01/2004 02:16:23 PM

this was not fully one bit. Oprah is evil. She never paid to have person on, but she cash in on them. She very one side person, but you mock G-d is so miss up.


04/01/2004 01:43:42 PM

good to see a little april fools humor. i mean they couldnt have been serious i mean if they were im sure sinsonite would have been more on target with Babera Streissand hehe.


04/01/2004 12:17:38 PM

LOL--this one is truly inspired! ;>)


04/01/2004 11:22:13 AM

Thank you ALL for helping me start my day with a good, hearty laugh.... Have a GREAT day!!!! Peace <


04/01/2004 09:16:20 AM

Most of these have been quite funny (except for that Spalding guy.) But I don't know if we want Oprah in the godhead. I mean do you honestly want the "Prophet of the Month" club?


04/01/2004 08:39:00 AM

ali, Now that is the best joke I have read so far.


04/01/2004 08:28:43 AM

I realize this is an April Fools joke but belief net need to be careful because it may put ideas into the heads of some of these liberal communist anti-Trinity churchs of today.


04/01/2004 07:40:34 AM

Quatros has a nice sound to it.


04/01/2004 06:55:38 AM

BS"D Beliefnet sincerely apologizes for its mistake in the existing article which is introduced, "Trinity Expanded to include Oprah" which, obviously, should have been stated the other way 'round. Festus Fatuorum


03/31/2004 10:30:07 PM

now now sinsonte, Barbra wouldn't want to share the trinity. She's a goddess in her own right. I think that they are also trying to get the bible on Oprah's book club list. LOL


03/31/2004 09:58:58 PM

you mispelled Barbra, grounds for excommunication


03/31/2004 08:35:47 PM

Oprah in the Godhead before Barbara Streisand. Yet another slap at the gay community by the Vatican.