05/31/2009 10:49:38 PM

While I can see how this touch of satire may be somewhat offensive to some people, it makes a very succinct point about the strange bed fellows in the conservative movement. Supply side economists like those of the Cato institute are heavily influenced by the philosophy of Ayn Rand who unequivocally denounced Christianity and most basicl tenets. The philosophy of economic conservatives isn't only a practical rejection of Christianity, its explicitly a philosophical rejection of them as well.


11/20/2004 09:51:14 PM

Al franken knows Jesus as much as he knows America, as much as he knows politics. He is consistant though. A consistant loser, with a losers thought process.


10/07/2003 06:23:06 PM

john, I think that's the point. The Religious Right constantly uses Jesus to defend their selfishness and money hoarding, ignoring... what Jesus actually TAUGHT?! Jesus was all about helping the poor. He devoted his life to social activism. People who don't see that and claim to be all about the Bible must not be reading it.


09/21/2003 08:25:17 AM

Okay, it's a funny satire. But it distorts both the teachings of Jesus the Naserite and of Laffer's supply side economics. I agree that it would have been more funny to have the cartoon series have both "Supply Side Jesus" and "Bleeding Heart Jesus" both presented. LOL.


09/16/2003 04:39:26 PM

Doh, abarenboshogunvi has stated what should have been obvious. Maybe I'm the only one who didn't think of it, but I don't have much exposure to Chick tracts.


09/16/2003 10:55:26 AM

Al Franken's cartoon is an exceptionally well done satire of a Jack Chick tract; he even got the creepy look-and-feel right. The juxtaposition of Supply Side Jesus (basically the evangelical Protestantism that is an integral part of the religious and cultural life of the southeastern U.S.) with Jesus of Nazareth (basically traditional Catholicism / Eastern Orthodoxy as once practiced in the northeastern and middle western U.S.) is a brutal social commentary on both the current state of American religion and the current spiritual character of the American people. His outlook is also a very pessimistic one. Note that not only does Supply Side Jesus achieve great material success and prosperity, but the people (with one accord) choose him over Jesus of Nazareth...and for one-third less money than Judas demanded.


09/15/2003 05:26:03 PM

Kaveh, if Christianity is still a live and viable religion then one must assume that it has something to say about situations that did not exist 2000 years ago in the middle east. Right? And if it does not, then we can at least say what I've said, that those activities are not actually inconsistent with or against Christianity.


09/15/2003 01:04:47 PM

Nobody of Jesus' time--or even Jesus himself, maybe--would know what you're talking about when you say, "Political involvement". In those times, government simply existed and your opinion of it didn't matter much because it wasn't going to change no matter what you did. It took another 1800 years of social development for there to emerge societies in which people controlled government, rather than the other way around and in which citizens could engage in debates about politics.


09/14/2003 06:00:02 PM

Run18holes, I agree libertarianism is not anti-Christian, but on the other hand I don't think political involvement for social justice is inconsistent with Christianity either. I do believe that the capitalist mentality (as commonly understood) is contrary to Christianity.


09/14/2003 05:11:59 PM

"bleeding heart jesus" ? That's *hilarious*. Near as I can tell, Jesus is already as close as you can get to the "bleeding heart" liberal stereotype: "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God." (hehe, class warfare) "Sell your possessions and give to the poor."


09/14/2003 05:00:07 PM

It is possible, I believe, to be a political libertarian and a Christian. One who favors minimal state inference may be the same person who makes a personal decision to give everything they have to the poor, while favoring other people's rights not to do so. I think that this person, using this reasoning, would be a compassionate, tolerant, humble Christian. Jesus never commanded us to be involved in changing political structures, from what I remember. He was more concerned with the state of our heart and the personal decisions we make in our lives.


09/14/2003 03:53:38 PM

Dogspell, I think you are correct that neither the left nor the right capture the full spirit of Jesus' social teachings. But I do think that the modern economic left is substantially closer to his teachings than the economic right -- the "help the poor by helping the rich" mentality appears nowhere in Jesus' teachings, and this is what Franken is taking aim at. I would be interested in seeing a new Christian progressivism which seeks in a more serious way to promote the spirit of the Gospels -- love of neighbor, helping the poor and respecting their dignity, the hazards of wealth, healing the sick, nonviolence, and so forth.


09/14/2003 03:01:26 PM

This satire was great. I believe in the true teachings of Jesus, But I also believe the main stream teachings of Christianity of today is Bullshit' My Ideas are contained within my dissertation "One Heretic's Theory of Ultimate Truth" a FREE Email copy may be oblained by Emailing a request to "" No followup propaganda will be sent, only responces to Questions and Coments Peace Dirk


09/14/2003 01:51:51 PM

edelphi - Thank you for helping me clarify. Yes, I believe that Jesus's teaching is balanced. No, I don't believe the Left or the Right's teachings are balanced. Both are lopsided, and neither can claim the whole truth. Many religions have a version of the Golden Rule. For a list of this rule from different faiths, go to Confucius's words are there. Thank you for reminding me of that version.


09/14/2003 11:46:26 AM

Dogspell, you're a Christian and you believe Jesus' teaching lacks balance? BTW, there are all kind of things cited as "the silver rule", another one is Confucius' "Don't do to others what you wouldn't want them to do to you."


09/14/2003 11:25:46 AM

I seek to live by the Golden Rule. And I have found that, just as the moon follows the sun, there needs to be a balance of the Golden Rule with the Silver Rule, which states: ** Don't do for others what they can do for themselves. ** The two together bring harmony. Living in balance, we stay on the path without harming others or ourselves.


09/14/2003 10:46:35 AM

Please enlighten me. How can you be a Christian and allow killing or you actually kill a person? What about all this Thou shall not kill talk? Our President is having all kinds of people killed. The Killing of anybody is wrong according to the Ten Commandments. No exceptions, Right?? Might as well forget about the other 9!


09/14/2003 10:46:32 AM

Yeah, the person who suggested a "bleeding heart Jesus" made me laugh because I think he's missed the message of his religion... yes "bleeding heart" derives from Catholic imagery, representing the self-sacrificial compassion of Jesus. I think Al makes his point a little coarsely, but "Supply Side Jesus" is obviously an inversion of the teachings of Jesus, and a sendup of the beliefs of the religius-economic right (an unholy alliance if there ever was one). Al is saying, if that's what Jesus had wanted then he would have taught the opposite of the Gospel message. I think the final scenes of this cartoon are very poignant and too true to laugh at.


09/14/2003 05:21:35 AM

""I'm sure someone could write a "bleeding heart Jesus" that would also be funny"" *uhhhh, brbato...* Wasn't the expression 'bleeding heart' actually derived from that Catholic image of the 'Sacred Heart?' You know, as in, the actual Jesus in your actual Bible? I don't know how funny it is, but I knew some profound irony was the thing keeping me up all night. Heh. Blessed be, I guess. :)


09/14/2003 12:40:45 AM

Like so many far-lefters, there is a smarmy presumption of intellect that Mr. Franken displays as though he could be relied on to make a valid point. No, Christianity is not a game for deceptive wrong-doers who only differ from the "non-religious" wrong-doers by trying to hide their guilt and pointing fingers at everyone else. They would rather deny any sense of morality, rightness, or proper relationship with God (as in the Biblical sense). They are left to make a game of accusation and of vilifying those they disagree with, even when those they slander are pretty obviously right (as in sensible, correct), yet deviate from the far-left belief catalogue. Mr. Franken, I could take you more seriously as Stuart Smalley; as such you were flawed, but at least the character realized it. He also had humiility. Wake up!


09/14/2003 12:14:20 AM

I get it. Oh, I get it. And I see why you guys think it's funny. It only makes me sad, though. Because the real Jesus is there, standing at the center of things, and he sees all this, and, well, I can hardly imagine how he feels. You know?


09/13/2003 06:44:29 PM

That was a good laugh! Al Franken should get a medal.


09/13/2003 03:35:45 PM

Peace! It is sad that it is so funny. But putting Jesus' teaching into practice has been hard from the beginning. I'm sure someone could write a "bleeding heart Jesus" that would also be funny. And we need both, to keep us honest. God bless!


09/13/2003 02:02:14 PM

Whoo hoo. For immediate distribution. :)


09/13/2003 12:42:53 PM

I'm a devout Christian, and I found that funny. It shows just how far from the Gospel of Christ this "conservative" society is, despite its claims to the contrary.


09/13/2003 12:24:07 PM

Goddamn, that's good satire!


09/13/2003 11:42:43 AM

Isn't it sad that this is hilarious and right on the mark regarding Bush's (et. al.) compassionate conservatism and its very real raping of the present day and future Americans.


09/13/2003 03:06:37 AM

I don't drive my SUV to church. I don't wanna look like a hypocrite.


09/13/2003 03:04:51 AM



09/13/2003 03:04:35 AM

Go forth, print it, copy it a thousand fold, and place on the windshield of every SUV parked at the churches every Sunday.


09/13/2003 03:00:45 AM

Hehe. So, so true... It's actually quite sad.