Gambling Is No Virtue

Christians are called to be stewards of God's blessings. Could Bennett's earnings have been put to better use?


05/12/2003 01:27:02 PM

what is amazing about this Bennett guy is that he had the nerve to critisize the former pesident for his immoral conduct and behavior, yet still look at what he has done. I guess he thinks that his sin is lesser in the eyes of God, than Bill Clinton's. Well my bible say that All Sins Are Equal in the Sight of God. Therefore why aren't the the so-call conservative christain comdeming this guy. I guess they have the right to forgive who they wish, as long as they believe in their fear-hating regimented set of rules.. The Bible say judge not that ye may not be judge. That includes everybody. This Mr. Bennett is a disgrace to any form Christainity: but do we expect from the conservative(Pharisitical) christains, trying to pour their brand of christainity down our throats.. I am appalled at this Guy.. He Is The Biggest Hypocrite in America today. Maybe we should all judge Him.


05/09/2003 01:42:37 PM

Bennet's "I do owe anyone anything" is completely at odds with his frequent calls to turn to some rigid morality. As Jon Stewart said on the Daily Show the other day, thank you Bill Bennett for showing us why we shouldn't listen to people like Bill Bennett. Hypocrite.


05/08/2003 03:44:13 PM

I have heard Mr. Bennett speak a couple of times and had my fill of his self-righteous bluster. It would seem that a good chunk of the $8 million came from his speaking engagements (at $50,000 a pop) where he stood in judgement of other's people's morals, convictions, as well as their compulsions and sins. As drug czar, I'm sure he was well aware of the international criminal elements that drug money supports. Does he care about where his $8 million went, what kind of lifestyles he bankrolled, or what kind of industry he supported? Do a search on Google--you can find a number of websites listing people who committed suicide at various casinos. There's a word that describes this--HYPOCRISY.


05/08/2003 01:30:50 PM

When I first heard of this story, Mr. Bennet's defense was along the lines of, It's my money and I can do what I want as long as I pay my bills it's none of your bussiness. When that didn't go over too well, I said He would stop gambling. In other words, since this paragon of virtue got caught, he will stop. It reminds of when Pat Robertson was caught owning a racehorse. At first his defense was that he just liked to see the horsey race. When that didn't go over too well he decided to sell the horse. Virtue after being caught seems to be the trend.


05/07/2003 11:48:53 PM

As we understand the first of the Nine Satanic Statements from The Satanic Bible an individual should indulge himself rather than abstain so long as that indulging hurts no one. A clear distinction is made between indulgence and "compulsion". If Mr. Bennett can "quit" just like that, then it is not a compulsion, rather an indulgence. Perhaps few would regard it as a virtue, but this seems rather hypocritical since billions are spent on lottery tickets, bingo, casinos etc each year,sometimes with the encouragement of various religious groups. The third of these statements calls for undefiled wisdom rather than hypocritical self-deceit. Mr Bennetts change of heart seems to be out of pressure rather than intelligence.


05/07/2003 03:26:28 PM

The problem isn't the gambling, it's the hypocrisy, BUT - EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS? There's a people living on the streets. Schools need money. Civic organizations need money. Soup kitchens and shelters need money. Churches need money. And you flushed 8 million dollars down the toilet? That's shameful.


05/07/2003 12:07:36 PM

I don't really care about gambling, but I like rbethell's point. You know, there's something irritating about people who live in glass houses throwing stones....


05/07/2003 11:16:29 AM

We can focus on the behavior without passing judgment on the person. The previous post states that welll. But the test to use for a pleasure is, does it take away personal or material resources from opportunities to extend extra help to others? Mr. B's 340K by any measure is excessive. Not gambling the milk money or evading taxes is not a high enough standard for a proponent of virtue. Seeking positive good must be our standard, not merely avoiding miscreance.


05/07/2003 10:55:12 AM

No need for me to pounce on the guy to make hay, enough have done that already. We all fall short of the Glory of God. I think this does suggest that there is a risk to moralizing however, especially when done without humility (I have never read anything of Bennett's, so this is not a comment on him.) Since we all do fall short of God's glory, none of us should be too sure of our own virtue. None of us likes to be sternly lectured by someone who turns out to have had the very same failings! :-)