Fast and Pray for Saddam Hussein

A leading conservative says Christians have become too prideful about building an 'American empire.'

BY: Charles Colson

Reprinted with permission of Breakpoint


Last week I listened to a group of Christians talking about the "American empire." War with Iraq, they said cheerfully, will secure that empire and is part of our ordained role to secure peace in the world.

Wait a minute-that is pure hubris, a terrible attitude.

This fallen world is dangerous, and out of mercy, God has given legitimate governments the power of the sword to protect us. The just war doctrine, derived from Scriptures, enables us to evaluate and hold our national leaders accountable when they must use the sword.

In my opinion, removing Saddam Hussein is necessary-peacefully, I hope, but if not, then by military means. In order to fight terrorism, we must cut off terrorists' supplies and support. And Saddam Hussein represents both. So war against Saddam is self-defense. But Christians should never talk about war with bravado-only with reluctance, weeping, and with prayer and fasting.

We know from 2 Chronicles that King Jehoshaphat of Judah was a great warrior with a large, seasoned army. But when Jehoshaphat was confronted with an invasion, instead of riding out to meet the invaders, he led the people in prayer. "We do not know what to do," he prayed, "but our eyes are on you." And God's deliverance came in a thoroughly unexpected way. Jehoshaphat's army didn't fire a shot.

Christians should follow the example of Jehoshaphat in prayer. Yes, we have the finest fighting men in the world. And the troops are in place, and all the arguments for war have been mustered. This is all necessary, but remember that prayer is mightier than our armies, and God alone gives the victory or defeat.

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