In His Own Words: George Harrison on Spirituality

On Personal Spirituality

"I always felt at home with Krishna. You see it was already a part of me. I think it's something that's been with me from my previous birth.. I'd rather be one of the devotees of God than one of the straight, so-called sane or normal people who just don't understand that man is a spiritual being, that he has a soul."

--Interview, Henley-On-Thames, Oxfordshire, 1982

The Most Spiritually Important Rocker Ever
How George Harrison transformed the American spiritual landscape.
Deepak on George
Deepak Chopra on his friend's relationship with eastern religion and Jesus Christ.
My Life As "a George"
Amy Cunningham talks about identifying with "the quiet Beatle."
How much do you know about the spiritual side of the Fab Four?
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