Pope to Apologize for
Catholic Sins Against Others

An unprecedented Lenten papal statement will ask forgiveness for actions by Catholics-- but not the institutional Church.


12/08/2003 12:12:01 PM

As a person of African descent I am troubled that many think the church should not apologise. The catholic church has sat by and enjoyed the fruits of racism and continues to so today. There can be no peace without reconciliation and the church made of human beings has failed us on many occassions. I appreciate this Popes efforts to recognize the pain of the past, it has surely continued to haunt many of us. Race relations in the world today are a direct result of past atrocities. To say that slavery was not a sin in the past is to accept that wrong. Many slave owners were morally banckrupt. What is a sin today was always a sin.


03/08/2000 05:48:49 PM

The Hierarchry of the Roman Catholic Church should apologize for the Institutional Church for its' treatment of Lesbian/Gay/Transgender people. It should also apologize for its' treatment of Women. The Institutional Church needs to take responsibility for the pain it has inflicted on these groups of people. The Institutional Church has, by its' rhetoric, given liscense to people to commit hate crimes aginst these groups of people.


03/07/2000 01:44:06 PM

The poster commenting on the Jews and Jesus would do well to read two Vatican II documents, Nostra Aetate and Lumen Gentium. There, the historical racism which labeled the Jewish people as God-killers was definitively rejected. As Karl Rahner says in his Dictionary of Theology, "...the Christian who believes that he is blessed in this life and hereafter because Jesus of Nazareth died for him, is as responsible for the death of Christ as any Jew and can only approach the people from whom Christ came as Christ himself approached them."


03/06/2000 08:16:44 AM

Although I do not intend to exonerate the Church, both the institution and the faithful, from whatever may be considered as misdeeds in the past, but I do not approve of the Holy Father begging forgiveness for "sins" neither he nor the Church committed. It must be put in mind that what is not considered sinful in the past may be sinful in the present and whatever is sinful in the past may not be sinful in the present. For one, there had been a time when the church condoned slavery as the custom was in Europe. The present, by no means, could ever judge the past. Let us pray more for the Pope and the Church.


03/05/2000 09:30:20 PM

The complaint whined incessantly is that Pope Pius XII seemed more concerned with the state of the Catholic Church than he did with the sufferings of the Jews under the Nazis. Imagine that--a Pope putting the Church first! The Roman Catholic Church, the One True Faith, outside of which there is no salvation, does not apologize to those who willingly choose to deny the Truth--we pray for their conversion; rather, we should demand an apology from the Jews for their persecution and murder of the Son of God, and their continued blasphemies and smears against His Church! Let us pray that Pope John Paul II chooses to defend Roman Catholicism rather than embrace the capitulation called “political correctness.” Wake up, Catholics! +Deus Solus!


03/03/2000 03:46:46 PM

It gets to the point where you ask yourself how far do you go? Should Jewish leaders apologize for the crucifixion of Jesus? Should Egypt apologize for the enslavement of the Isrealites? But still, I think it was a great guesture on the part of Holy Father John Paul II.