Don't Lose Your Values on Prom Night

Smart tips from a spiritually savvy teen on having fun at your prom without drinking or hooking up.

If you are anything like me, you can relate to waking up late and reaching into your closet to make the daily decision of "sweats or jeans?" Hardly glamorous, but comfort counts when you are sitting in Calculus counting the minutes until the bell rings. When chemistry labs and research reports take hours away from sleep, the only makeup being applied before running out the door is a little something to cover the bags beneath my eyes.

It's the usual disheveled state that my classmates see me in that caused me to worry about getting even more primped last Saturday for prom. As shallow and superficial as it may seem, I wanted to look "hot." Not just "nice" or "pretty." I wanted heads to turn when they saw that the frump they passed in the halls wasn't quite so unattractive after all.

The funny thing is I wasn't even planning on going to the prom. I didn't feel like smiling and playing nice to a bunch of high-school drama queens that I didn't much care about. Rather than going through the awkward motions of prom, I was planning on a yoga class and then hitting up a concert at the vegan restaurant/folk club with a friend from another school. But, of course, nothing goes as planned.


As I was cramming books into my locker before lunch, a week before prom night, my friend Ned showed up beside me and asked, "Whit? You got a date for prom?" I stuck to the story that I had been feeding to everyone, about how I didn't want to go, and how I would rather spend the time doing something productive and worthwhile. What I didn't expect was for the response to be, "What! No way, would you pleeeaassee come as my date?" I automatically answered "No." But I was conflicted. This was coming from my good friend from Bible study-my good friend who also happened to be the star defenseman of the lacrosse team and not such a bad looker. I knew most other girls were waiting for someone to ask them, and here I was turning down a great guy. Okay, I changed my mind. However, I made sure that this date was going to be on my terms.

Before I accepted his invitation, I told him that I don't drink and that I didn't want to go with him if he was planning on drinking at all. He agreed. He also agreed to donate the money we would have spent on a corsage and boutonniere to a local homeless shelter's meal collection.

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Whitney Doe
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