Simple Choices - Profound Results

Excerpt from the book How To Have A Match Made in Heaven discusses how the small decisions that we make effect our lives in big ways.

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So as we came down the hill that day, we could turn left or right, downriver or up, the shorter route or the somewhat longer one. What was it to be? No choice really. Our hearts already had the answer. We wanted to go upriver, the longer route. Perhaps it was the prospect of eagles, which we might glimpse again in that direction. Perhaps it was fate. All we know is it was meant to be.

At river's edge we backed the trailer into the water and lowered the boat into the current. A family played nearby, taking turns on their jet ski. As we parked the truck and got our gear ready we noticed dark clouds on the horizon, rolling and ominous. Within minutes of our being on the river itself, lightning streaked across the sky. Grinning we looked at one another. "Hmmm" we thought, "Graphite fly rods, aluminum boat, water, lightning – not a good combination." We quickly reversed direction, tethered our boat to a tree near the boat launch and climbed the hill and got back into our truck to wait out the storm. We got there just in time. Rain pelted the roof. Lightning flashed, thunder boomed. We turned on the radio and listened to the end of the baseball game – The Yankees, our heroes, winning once again. The radio was filled with static from the electricity in the air. It was damp and fun and alive.


The storm passed as quickly as it had blown in. We returned to the boat, and the river and began to fish as we drifted downstream. A couple on inner tubes came floating by. They asked if we had been caught in the marble-sized hail. "No," we replied, the hail hadn't come through where we had been.

Our time on the river passed quickly. We didn't see eagles this time around but that was fine. It was warm and sweet and the air smelled of river and grasses and the occasional fragrant blossom. An hour before dusk we headed for home. As we followed the road that meandered along following the river, we noticed that it had changed from just a few hours earlier. We noticed scattered leaves and small rockslides littered the road.

As we arrived back in Milford, all was dark in the stores and buildings. At first we assumed that since it was Sunday everything had closed early. But as we came to the corner we noticed that the town's only stoplight was out and the volunteer fire department was directing traffic. They had blocked off the road continuing down river and the only route available was uphill. This was fine with us as we needed to go that way to head home but since we were curious we rolled down the window to find out what was up.

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Ariel and Shya Kane
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