Bullies in the Workplace

Adults can be bullies too, and their behavior has costly economic and personal consequences. How to spot workplace bullying -- and what you can do about it.


06/04/2013 01:50:52 PM

Of the Positions that had "Before" 1) to 5) -- Shipping; Receiving; Packaging; Inventory; Stock. FULLY in Charge of the 1)Inventory and 2)Stock. Secondary/PARTNERS with: 3)Packaging, 4)Shipping and 5)Receiving. 6) Supply for Production (All Stages) 7) Delivery. Exclusive of Certain Products. Some Emergency. 8) Quality Control 9) Advanced Emergency EMT Trained. Specialized in Environmental Injuries. 10) Worker "Counselor", Site Safety. EMT Trained; Experienced working with Children, Elderly, and others. Have TDG, WHMIS, Some University Related Courses. (Seems his "Fiasco" coarse was beyond my Training. A 12 hour "DOCTOR DEGREE" ?? More Like Basic 1st Aid, Passed when was 12 years) A Typical day, would include: 1) Keeping ALL stock Related activities completed and organized 2) Deliveries 3) Assisting various Work Areas Medical; Safety; Counselling to be Completed AS Presented


06/04/2013 12:52:56 PM

More than Once, have been the Subject of Workplace Bullying. The Worst, is when get a Supervisor, who Does EVERYTHING to Degrade Others. It is Bad enough when this is just to myself, but "Pure Hell" when this is Done to EVERYONE who works "Under" the Supervisor. ****************************************************** One of the Best Jobs that I had, actually got to point of having Several Positions at the same time. Then got the New "Supervisor". First, Removed ALL Forms of Quality Control, Using Purely Tyrant Methods. Next, Obtained a "Position Promotion" by a "Fiasco" Training Program (Only he could "Pass", even though Training Program is Only Basic Level) Now, Everything IS TO be DONE HIS WAY !! Yes, I am Guilty of the sin of "Revenge". Best Days were when his "Actions", backfired. Once, lost a Product for Two Days. (His Way: "Exact Numbers") When found, Product was in a Corner, WITH a MAJOR FLAW. The Flaw was HIGHLIGHTED in BRIGHT "Rejection" Marker. (These Markers were "Supposed" to have been Confiscated by Him !) The Flaw SHOULD have been REJECTED at the FIRST STAGE of PRODUCTION !! About 6 months, was All I Really could stand of him. As I AM Inventory, It is MY Job to Provide Supplies. To Help with Shipping, was there to help Packaging. (Yes, other "Jobs" included Packaging, Shipping, Receiving) He INSISTED on using the Wrong Product. Others had tried, and I Confronted Him on this Error. Such Yelling, Swearing, Insults, and More. Finally, Told him: "If you are like that, Wait for the NEXT order, it NEEDS that Item" When the workers "Finished" the "Error" Packaging and tried to Get Next Order, I CAN NOT Provide the Needed Material for that Order. What came out of his mouth, was Clearly overheard by Everyone in the Plant (Even though plant NEEDED Ear Protection). Finally, he Shouted his famous line "DO IT, or TAKE the Highway !!" I Left !! I Punched out my Time Card, Grabbed ALL my Personal Items, and WALKED OUT. NO "Official" Statement of "Quitting" was Made.


02/22/2012 06:26:35 AM

Contrary to the article, management can be the target of bullies; particularly middle management. I have been the victim of gossip, isolation, sabotage among other offenses, from subordinates who disagreced with my reccommendations or simply didn't want to do the work assignment. I can assure you no one was overloaded with work or asked to do more than they should have been able to do. The issues were they were consistently absent from work, unorganized, and failed to complete their work in a timely manner. Warnings resulted in me becoming the target. Very stressful......and it's done in such a manipulative manner that have to document in detail incidents to provide evidence that it is really happening.


01/14/2012 10:29:21 PM

I was bullied at work for about a year and a half by the CNP ( nurse practician). She would repramand me in front of the patients, she would jump up and down in the hall to get my attention if I was on the phone with a patient. She would scold me in front of coworkers and embarass me. I was to the point where she was making me cry 4 days out of the 5 that I worked. I dreaded to go to work, I'd pray everyday that it would end. I asked my manager to help and she would always say what the nurse does is out of my hands, I even went to the physicians about it and they would tell her to stop being mean and try to be nicer. It was to the point where she would just stand there and be so nasty to me that I'd have to leave and go compose myself. One day I had enough the last straw was when she called me a bitch in front of other co-workers. I walked down to the managers office and quite.They tried to compromise with me and tried to see if I'd stay I would have no contact with the nurse. I said no and was out of a job for almost 5 months. No income, no health insurance nothing. I found a new job and new people and what a difference in my work place! People are actually kind and helpful no nasty decitful people. God found me a better work enviroment and now I can even move up in my position! My experience from my previous enployment made me a stronger and better person. No one has the rights to bully anyone.


01/05/2012 12:15:54 PM

Bullying is taught in the home!


08/27/2011 10:45:11 AM

I have been bullied for quite sometime. Follow a charge nurse, who blew off the residents, if she doesn't want to do something. The patients came to me, in the past, asking me to call the doctor with their ailments & I did. I also had their confidence. This upset her terribly & she didn't understand why they didn't come to her. Her attitude & her secreticrity had something to do with it, too. The nurse has brown nosed with the administration, telling them false stories about me. The nurse would even try pick arguments with me, then tell the supervisor, I started it. This has gotten out of hand. Don't trust her. Don't like her. But try to maintain a working relationship, which is very difficult. Have switch sides of the building to avoid working with her. I haven't called in sick, as much as I had before. I'm happier. The only thing, if I did go to the company & tell them, everything, I wouldn't have a job. I love my job, like the majority of my co-workers, & love my patients.


08/01/2011 11:56:14 AM

As a teacher I have seen a lot of workplace bullying. Teachers are under a great deal of pressure not only to motivate children to learn but to comply with State curricular mandates. I have witnessed principals scream at teachers until they break down and cry. I was the object of the worst case of bullying in a school in south Texas I have ever known. The administration wanted to hire a person who was a former student of this school. Instead of just not renewing my contract they chose to torture me until I quit. They assigned me to teach subjects I was not certified to teach, and when that did not work they told the students i sent to the office that I was a bad teacher. I love teaching, I love the students and always tried to comply with whatever the administration asked me to do. The administration assigned 5 different subjects for me to teach and sent entire grades to my classroom during my planning period for me to watch when their teacher was absent, without warning or notification. The stress was so great I lost weight, and started experiencing memory loss, forgetting what I was teaching right in the middle of a lesson. There were many other symptoms that are to numerous to name but needless to say after two years I would rather live under a bridge than teach there anymore. I called my teachers union and they could not do anything about it because the administration had done nothing illegal. They destroyed me. I have never been the same since. I have had other teaching positions and have received multiple accolades for my performance but I have been unable to get back to the caliber of teaching I once had. There are multitudes of teachers who have gone through simular trials with no support or protection. If I had not had the comfort and support of my Lord Jesus Christ I would have killed myself.


06/27/2011 02:58:25 AM

I appreciate this article on workplace bullying. It's a serious problem in the US and elsewhere. I was the target of a workplace bully for over 2.5 years at a Trinity Health Medical Center in Idaho. I was diagnosed with PTSD and became partially disabled by the bullying. Even though I worked for a medical center whose own professionals diagnosed the PTSD; a medical center than is supposed to be of Christian management, and with an emphasis on "advanced healing;" I was not offered any protection from additional bullying, any resolution to the problem, nor any treatment for the injury. The Employee Relations Manager from Human Resources threatened to terminate me when I reported the PTSD injury to him in July of 2005. There are several important things to remember if you find yourself the target of a workplace bully. 1. Keep a detailed record of the treatment you're receiving from the bully. 2. Understand that it's likely you may have to find a new job to get away from the bully. 3. Educate yourself about workplace bullying. 4. Get help early, especially professional help from a counselor or psychologist if you develop symptoms of PTSD or depression. 5. Remember that bullying is an act of violence and you can be seriously injured by chronic bullying. In my own experience, as a Christian I attempted to find a solution that would be mutually beneficial to all involved; myself, the bully, and the employer. So I requested a conflcit resolution process with the bully mediated by a professional mediator. That didn't happen because the bully refused to participate. Unfortunately management, including senior management, was either totally ignornant about bullying or they secretly admired the bully because they also were/are bullies. It's probably a combination of both. Nothing was ever done to address the bullying so when I left that place of employment after 30 years of working there, the bully's behavior toward me had not changed. Until there are state or federal laws against bullying, or until businesses take the problem seriously, most targets of bullying will lose their jobs. I continue to request an opportunity to meet with those involved with a mediator to discuss what happened and what can be done to prevent a reoccurance, and they continued to demonstrate their lack of commitment to resolving the problem by refusing to meet with me. For more information check my blog "The Cambium Level" at www.leonardnolt.blogspot.com under the heading "Workplace Psychological Abuse." Thanks again for the information. Leonard Nolt, Boise, Idaho