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Angelic Tips for Dating

Angels Guide to Love and Dating

Looking for divine guidance? Let the angels lead the way in love and dating.

'Sex' and Love Lessons

Carrie dated a lot on 'Sex and the City.' Here are lessons you can learn from her.

Test Your Compatibility

Met a special someone? These three quizzes will help you determine your compatibility.

Opening the Heart

In this guided meditation learn to open your heart and receive love.

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Love Quote of the Day

Love of God is the root, love of our neighbor the fruit of the Tree of Life. Neither can exist without the other, but the one is cause and the other effect.

-William Temple

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Interfaith Dating
Would you date someone of another faith?
I would casually date, but not marry,
someone of another faith

I would date across denominations within
one faith, but not across faiths

No, I only date people of my own faith
Yes, the faith of the people I date is not a
factor for me
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