13 Reasons to Stop Looking for Mr. Right

Frustrated by the dating scene? Check out 13 reminders to help you be happy with what you have!


06/06/2011 10:21:26 AM

This is the best advice for all women who think having a man defines you or is the key to happiness. In addition, this is something all young girls need to know. They should also know that Mr. Right doesn't exist. The happiest I have ever been is being single. There is nothing like it. God gives the gift of singleness, and believe me, it is a true and treasured gift. I do what I want, when I want. I clear nothing with no one and don't need to ask "permission" to anything. I get up, go to sleep, cook, etc when ever I get darn good and ready. Nobody tells me what to do, I do what I want and run my own business. It absolutely kills me when I hear my friend say "I have to call my husband to make sure it's okay I spend this money." HOGWASH, I say! I have already been raised by my parents and was taught to be independent and to make sure I can take care of myself. Don't get me wrong, I love men. Just not enough to erase myself according to his needs. I've been married and my children are grown. I love being single and will NEVER give it up, ever again. We must teach our young girls to focus on themselves FIRST. Get a good education, work, travel and enjoy your lives, then find a man you are compatible with. Take all the time you need to get to know him and if he is "right" for you and you love each other, settle down and get married. Wait at least 3 years before having children with him. You won't truly know him until you are married a while. You might be surprised the things you learn about him. Do a background check! You want to make sure you don't end up with a jailbird with 7 kids from different women. If he owes child support and you are married to him, guess what? You will be on the hook to pay his child support when filing income tax as a married couple. Keep a separate bank account for yourself as protection. How many times has a wife found the bank account cleaned out and he has sauntered out into the sunset, leaving you with all the bills he has helped to make? Why of course, his name isn't on anything. All is in YOUR name and off he goes into the sunset. Not a man hater. Just man smart!


06/02/2011 04:41:37 PM

Thank you for reading the gallery! Hope you all are having a great day!


05/24/2011 06:28:11 AM

Thanks for the "illuminating insight", Jana, but this is something any woman could figure out for herself. No, being single is not something that people need to be miserable over, in fact, it is a great opportunity for people to grow as individuals...of course, they may forget that after reading your last page on 'possibly never finding the right one'. Nice work, sunshine, I think you may have been on to something right up until that last remark, and then you tore it down with a really thoughtless comment! While you're at it, why don't you tell women who are having difficulty conceiving that motherhood isn't "all that", or that the "perfectly satisfying career may not be out there" too. Here's a tip: never become a therapist!!!


05/23/2011 12:03:07 PM

This month marks my first full year spent entirely alone. Except for my dogs, of course. Now I understand why so many psychologists recommend it for some people. It's like relationship chemo - I've come out the other side stronger and more grateful for my life as it is. Men ask me out but I'm more discriminating about how I spend my time. If they're not fun or interesting, I don't go. I've found real purpose; I'm writing my second book, which is a huge undertaking. Yesterday my mother reminded me this quality writing time would not be possible if I were still married. We laughed - my ex - now a friend - was fiercely jealous of the time I spent "playing on my computer"!


05/23/2011 11:32:06 AM

I love that finally there is an article like this....I am single and happy....Is my life perfect in every way?...Yeah right:)....But I have always felt that being single is the least "perfect thing" about it....I was married for a lot of years and have now been single for a lot of years...and since all of us "spiritual" people are working on our ":spiritual perfection"....wouldn't it stand to reason that finding the perfect person might be a bit difficult...and if I did...well he probably wouldn't be into me...cuz...I've got a long way to go...:)


05/20/2011 02:21:07 PM

Life is full of surprises. The more happy your life is the more fun you will have when meeting that special person in your life.