10 Signs that Your Marriage is in Trouble

Author's Lawrence Birnbach, Ph.D. and Beverly Hyman, Ph.D, point to 10 crucial signs that let you know your marraige is in a crisis, and tips to help you if you want to try to save your marriage.


11/10/2013 06:49:48 AM

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07/09/2011 05:53:23 PM

This article is incorrect about one very important thing. And there are many studies and statisics to bear this out. After a divorce, a man's standard of living goes up, however a mother with children sees her standard of living go way down. Anyone can do the research. Not everyone can go back to school or work, especially with small children and while struggling on 1/4 of what they were living on before the divorce. I worked in the school system and saw many single Moms in the same situation as I ...after divorce the man got the boat and the car and everything he couldn't afford when raising his family, but the kids had to give up everything while Mom worked two jobs and the kids were home alone. So please correct this statement because it is not true! Finances play a huge part in why people are staying together!!


01/04/2011 08:05:19 AM

(The divorce:) The best way that i know of to find out why he/she is divorced is to marry him/her.