What Is a Soul Mate?

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Soul Mates Complement Each Other

Soul Mates Complement Each Other

You don't have to agree on politics, but you better have compatible ideas on the nature of G-d (even if you practice different religions).

You don't have to like the same comedians, but you have to understand each other's humor.

You may give to different charities, but you have to share a generosity of spirit.

One can be Felix and one can be Oscar, but you both better be on the same page when it comes to running the household moneywise.

The man doesn't have to be Brad Pitt and the woman doesn't have to be Angelina Jolie, but the man needs to see his soulmate as HIS Angelina Jolie and the woman needs to see her soulmate as HER Brad Pitt.

Most of all, you have to feel a connection -- a connection so strong that you say, "This may be the most remarkable person I have ever met in my life." Where you look forward just as much to conversations and activities out of bed as the other way around (although you want both).

And where it's a connection that defies time -- that you know you may raise a family together and will definitely grow old together, and the prospect excites you rather than scares you.