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Fat-Free Hot Dogs

Hot dog with mustard and relish

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If I'm in the mood for something hot, fat-free hot dogs cooked on my George Forman grill works well. It doesn't heat the house up, and you don't have to stand over intense heat like you do with a regular grill.

I also like to keep some boxed pasta mixes in the house. Ranch is my favorite, and I just substitute low-fat Miracle Whip for the mayo so it's really low in fat. Tuna is wonderful mixed into that or some baby salad shrimps or fake crab might work. I have one of those pasta cookers for the microwave, which is excellent on hot days here in central Florida.

Or I use turkey bacon, the precooked kind, and make a BLT on toast. You can also skip the bacon and lettuce, and just make a tomato sandwich on toast with low-fat mayo or Miracle Whip.

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