When Pets Cross the Rainbow Bridge

Did pets go to heaven? I set out to explore the topic and came upon a comforting pet poem titled "The Rainbow Bridge."


11/12/2011 01:24:48 PM

I had to put my sick 14 year old cat down today. It was a terrible experience, but it gives me a measure of comfort to think that I will see Leron (and all my other animal family members) on the other side.


06/28/2011 01:35:08 PM

I had been worrying about all the extinct animals when I got this clear statement: "Don't you think I can create all the animals again." So that's the answer, whether here on earth or elsewhere, there will always be animals.


02/11/2011 06:41:38 PM

The Rainbow Bridge is real to me.. I have always loved animals of all kinds. I have had cats, dogs, birds, fish and horses. I have also had snakes, bugs and a raccoon. I have no doubt they will all be waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge. What a crowd will go with me over that bridge you just can't imagine because ever since I got my drivers license (50 years ago) I have been saying a little prayer for the poor creatures I see killed on the road. I say, "Another little soul, gone to God. Since nobody cared about you here on earth, wait for ME at the Rainbow Bridge" I'm sure there will be thousands and thousands!! Hooky46


11/11/2010 09:14:03 AM

If all good things are in heaven, then Faith will be there. A Sheltie who was a "have dog, will travel" kind of gal, she had more life force than many people. That dog inspired 9 adoptions that I know about. Shelties tend to bond with a person or a family, but she understood family in a broad sense. For 8 1/2 years, she went to a nursing home. While she knew she was adorable and sometimes pulled what one resident called a "Marilyn Monroe" attitude (look, don't touch, please join the fan club), she dropped all attitude and became a loving snuggly bundle for people who were sad, scared, depressed, lonely, in pain, or dying. I saw her bring a non-responsive man back to consciousness. I saw her drop a case of the sulks to wriggle like a puppy in the lap of a man who died a couple of days later. She only snuggled up and kissed a person's ear or face when she really knew them--or when they really needed her. She trained 2 other dogs and 2 cats. None of them quite have her compassion or awareness, but all of the others learned from her to be gentle, aware, and quietly insistent on being loved. Faith was a fetch monster. She could play for hours. My brother, who often has insights on how things work, said he believed she was going to wear out some angels' arms playing fetch.


10/02/2010 04:21:04 AM

I am one who has always believed that animals go to heaven as that all creation knows there is a GOD. I have lost many pets and long for the day when I can run and play with them again. SO in closing let me say, Alex,Max,Snoopy,Blue eyes as well as others I will look forward to that special time when we will meet at the Bridge and cross together to romp and play eternally while praising God for his goodness and mercy. That day will not come soon enough my beloved God and my beloved pets,


06/19/2010 02:55:19 PM

This is a wonderful web site for animal lovers. I have lost a few pets in my time and one was particularily the hardest one I have ever been through, but knowing he is waiting for me at the rainbow bridge makes it all ok. I will be with my Angus again some day...............my bubba.


06/17/2010 02:13:53 PM

I have been a volunteer at a pet loss web site for about six years now, and this article really means the world to me. I have shared the link on our forum so that other people will find comfort in reading it too. When I opened my newsletter I was stunned to be looking at a picture of my own beloved Bingo (aka: King Bing, The God Cat)! He's the cat in the image that was used to illustrate this feature, standing in the meadow under the rainbow, surrounded by dragonflies. A friend made the picture for me several years ago. I can't tell you how much it meant to me to see my own special angel in today's newsletter. I feel like Bingo sent me a little sign today to tell me that even though he's been at the Bridge since September 22, 1993, he is always in my heart and never more than a whisper away from me.


06/17/2010 10:11:20 AM

Thank you Tompkins for your great article! I would love a copy of the "Rainbow Bridge". I have to believe with the love, patience, and true friendship of my "Babydoll" (my dog's name) that she will go to heaven. She has been with me for 14 yrs. and she has been faithful. I have learned patience and faithfulness from her. We are supposed to be this kind of follower of Jesus Christ too. Loving through many trials, and never giving up. Babydoll is close to crossing the bridge, but I know she will meet me when I cross into eternity...


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