Cat Quotes

Do you love cats? Discover why cats are the best companions with these inspirational quotes about cats from Leonardo da Vinci, Charles Dickens, and more.


02/19/2011 09:14:51 AM

Cats are the best, my cat always makes sure I am up and moving on time in the morning, she just turns on the alarm, However on my days off she still insists I get up at 5:15!!! Whats a mother to do, just love her more everyday.


04/11/2010 05:49:53 AM

These cat pictures and quotes are wonderful! I've also posted some inspiring images of cats, along with some quotes, on my site. Please stop by and let me know what you think:


09/29/2009 02:06:09 PM

This probably shows why Islam treats the cat with respect. Muslims are usually cat lovers. Once a Cat was asleeping, Prophet Muhammad (may peace and blessings of the Only One God be upon him) made sure his people do not disturb that sleeping cat. He took a difficult route instead and urged his followers to do the same. All so that the cat be not disturbed in its sleep. Most Muslims believe that cat are a ritualistically clean animals. One of the prominent companions of the Prophet was lovingly called Abu Huraira (his real name was something else) which means "Father of the Cat".


09/03/2009 09:32:46 AM

I love cats. The are truely sent by God to protect, care and love us. I am a cat lover and these cat pictures and quotes are truely amazing. NIce.


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