Children and Pet Loss

Pets are family members. Children relate to animals as their friends, protectors, and playmates. When the family pet dies, it is often the child’s first exposure to death and can cause him or her to feel confused and upset.


02/02/2009 01:25:47 PM

what could that author possibly mean to say that we should not make the afterlife TOO HAPPY. That's absurd. No matter what your faith, being free of a body and the limits of human existence is a preferable thing. This doesn 't mean that a child will jump off a building.

02/02/2009 12:42:20 PM

We had 4 cats and a dog. Recently, one of our cats, male (1yr old), Tiger was killed by someone in our neighborhood and my children found him. Of course, I was really upset and may not have handled this in the best way. I cried with the children but also showed some anger at who could have done such a thing. We still are mourning Tiger and remembering him with pictures and stories. Any suggestions are welcome at how or what else I could've or should've done. Thanks!


02/01/2009 11:51:41 AM

As a child I didn't lose a pet but a my father. I want children to know it is ok to cry for the loss of a pet or family member. And parents encourge your children to talk about it and tell them how you fell about the lost.




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