When Grief Gives Way to New Love

Tears for my goldfish led to a new puppy.


11/03/2008 08:01:26 AM

When our beloved Welsh Corgi died, my sons were 5 & 7. They had grown up with their dog and it just seemed too soon to try to find a new puppy. So we went out and bought two goldfish! If anyone is interested, I'd love to share the short story we wrote together. It's called "A Time for Goldfish"!


11/02/2008 03:53:25 PM

I wish that I could tell the author that I grieved some goldfish, too. Oh yes, when the first one jumped out, I thought "life must not have been as good as I thought in there." Well, I didn't think that. I grieved. For three days. I, too, had my fish for about three years. It was like losing a relative.

Pink Princess

10/21/2008 04:09:06 PM

Just two weeks ago we had to have our beloved dog Buddy put to sleep. He had cancer, it was getting to the point where he was in pain, and we could not let that happen. Buddy was 16 years old, and we got him when he was 2 yrs old. He was the best dog, and was loved by all. My daughter and Buddy were best friends, they grew up together. A few weeks ago I told her that we were going to have to take Buddy to the veterinarian, because it was time. She knew I was very upset, and she said the greatest thing to me, she said, "Mom, it's ok, Buddy has had a great life, and he's been with us for fourteen years." I knew that, but hearing it from my daughter that was probably the closest to him, really helped me. I go home everyday and still expect to see him, I even got his medicine ready for him the other day, it just became a habit, and I was not even thinking. I miss our dog dearly, he was a part of our family for fourteen years. It is ok to grieve our animals, it is very natural. Sorry for going on and on, I guess I just needed to talk about it. Thanks for listening.


10/21/2008 01:42:34 PM

Grieving for a loved one, whether a partner or a pet, has no time limit. Some who have never been there say a year is the minimum but it is not written into law, that grieving must be a certain amount of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years. People grieve in their own time in their own way, and it is not a reflection of how much or how little they loved the one who passed. I always felt that those who could grieve and adjust were the ones who loved the most. Those who knew real love and could not envision live without finding and giving that same love again. Never be ashamed of grieving or loving. They are God given emotions.