The Effects of Bullying

You can take a stand against bullying in schools by knowing the signs, the effects and the steps to take that keep kids safe.


04/06/2012 02:19:48 PM

In the impersonal arena of the idolatrous mind of public opinion, bullying never really much mattered. As is perpetually the case, the underdogs, the bullied, were a little hard to idolize. No one who was cool, or who aspired to be cool, ever cared. It certainly isn’t cool to be an underdog. But it might be oddly cool just to kick one, especially if it’s down in relation to the highness of the kicker. Or maybe it’d be cooler just to stand around and watch, or to ignore it with a shrug and walk away. But for the righteous indignation of the bullied, just a few of them, who turned around and bullied with a vengeance, this custom of cruelly debasing another, especially in our schools, and in the spirit of the dignity of coolness, could have easily continued on forever. Predictably, of course, immediately after the execution of this vengeance came the public indignation of the cool, of the jocks, of the beautiful, of the idolizably magnificent and the proud. It is this indignation which instigated a desire to peer thru the fog upon the mirror of itself.