Talking to Kids About the Economy


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What to Tell Kids About the Economy

Talking to kids about the economy, boy with piggy bank

By Jamie Woolf

You can't turn on the TV these days without hearing words that make you want to reach for the mute button: economy, recession, layoffs, crisis. If you're constantly immersed in economic anxiety, it's likely your kids are too. Chances are you've already fielded some tough questions: What does recession mean? Will Dad lose his job? Are we going to have to move out of our house?

What do you tell children about the recession and your family's economic hardships? How do you protect your kids from worry and stress without over-shielding them--or creating needless anxiety? Here are some tips on talking to kids about the economy without scaring them.

Jamie Woolf is author of “Mom-in-Chief: How Wisdom from the Workplace Can Save Your Family from Chaos” and a leadership consultant. Learn more at


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