Raising Green Kids

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Eat Real Food--Together

Savoring a good, simple meal with family is one of life's true joys, even if it seems to happen rarely. Engage the kids in planning one or two meals each week. If possible, go shopping somewhere special, like a farmer's market, for some of the ingredients. Fake food (made with excess salt, sugar, and synthetic additives) has become a “quick fix” for so many of us, but at what price? The chemical cocktail masquerading as food may have short-term effects on our temperament and long-term effects on our health. The closer food is to its natural state, the better the choice for family meals--or any meal, for that matter.

Tip: Try a pasta night with whole wheat pasta (Heartland makes several great ones), and a variety of toppings: diced tomatoes, grated cheese, homemade pesto, olive oil. Set the toppings on the table with a big bowl of the pasta and plates for everyone. The beauty of this is that you can enjoy a restaurant style-meal  a family--everyone gets what they want--and you're all eating together in the comfort of your home. Super cheap, too!


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