Raising Green Kids


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Growing Up Green: 10 Easy Tips for Families

By Lynda Fassa

When a child enters the world, everything changes—most especially for you and your family, but ultimately for everyone. Each individual experience reflects the promise for the species as a whole. Birth is surely the place where the natural world and the spiritual world meet, where we see unfolding possibilities and the most positive form of growth. But how can you keep that feeling of connection and maintain it for your kids? How can you inspire greatness and greenness without sounding preachy or overly crunchy? Here are 10 easy activities to help your kids grow up "green" and remind them of their relationship to the Earth.

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Lynda Fassa, founder of the organic children's clothing line Green Babies, is the author of "

Green Kids, Sage Families

" (New American Library).


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