Talking to Kids About War

Suggested prayers, parenting advice, and teaching resources for children from religious groups.


Christian Resources

The Way to Peace--Resources for Catholic Children

Special section from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops website includes activities for elementary school and high school children, as well as families and school staffs.

Children's Peace & Justice Resources

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America offers letters to parents and educators, ways to work for peace in the classroom, thoughts and quotes on peace, and more.

Helping Families Talk About War, Violence, and Terrorism

The Presbyterian Church (USA) provides an outline for a workshop for parents (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader). Plus:

A Process for Youth and Youth Leaders during War


Prayers for Families in a Time of War

A few short prayers by the Rev. Katie Long, provided by the United Methodist Church.

A Faithful Response to Violence and War

Suggestions for Parents & Teachers, from Faith At Home.

Jewish Resources

Congregational Resources - Teaching Our Children

The Union of American Hebrew Congregations (Reform movement) provides suggestions for talking about the war with young children, religious school students, and students of bar/bat mitzvah age and older.

Helping Children Face a Crisis

Suggested Guidelines from the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

General Resources

Spirituality & Health's "Talking to Children About War"

A suggested book list for children. Plus:

50 tips for children

on keeping the soul alive during tough times.

Timeless Wisdom from Fred Rogers

Special section on helping children deal with their concerns about war. Plus:

Complete advice for parents

from PBS.

Pointers for Parents

General guidelines and special considerations for children under seven and children in military families.

Talking to Kids About Terrorism or Acts of War


Do you know of another resource that would be helpful? Send us your recommendations.
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