Is Your Family Cursed?

Pastor Larry Huch talks about his personal experience with family curses and how he'd like to help the Kennedys.

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Tell me what you think about the so-called "Kennedy Curse."

Right when I started writing this book, John F. Kennedy Jr. was killed in a plane crash, and every magazine had on its cover "The Kennedy Curse." Before and after President Kennedy's death, there were others who died before their time. There's a force in their lives that is bringing destruction to the family. Why do so many people in that family die prematurely or have serious trouble? It's not because they're bad people. This is a spiritual transfer. If I could get to one of the heads of the Kennedy family, and we could agree that this is a spiritual curse and realize that the power of God can break it, this family could be set free forever.

We tend to think of curses as mere superstition, something we've progressed beyond in the modern world.

Many religions and cultures know that there are curses. In Italy, you can have a curse put on your family. In Australia and Africa, they believe that curses exist. I've been asked by several countries in Africa to come and teach about recognizing and breaking curses. There can even be a curse on a nation. A group of pastors in Ireland invited us over to break the curse on that country. They said, "This will stop our wars." In April, I'm going to teach in Israel, in the Middle East. People hate each other generation after generation, and they don't know why.

So how do you break a family curse?

First, understand that there


a curse affecting your family--whether it's divorce, illegitimacy, suicide, or premature death. Recognize that this destructive pattern exists.

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