Unitarian Commitment Ceremony

A public affirmation and consecration of the new family unit.

Who Participates:

Adoptive parents, adopted child/children of any age, friends and family, leader


If desired, an angel pin, flower, or other meaningful item may be presented to the child during the ceremony

The Ritual:

The following Naming/Adoption Ceremony was performed at the Unitarian Church of Montclair, New Jersey, by the Reverend Charles Blustein Ortman.

Minister or Leader:


We gather together at this time to recognize and name these two children of the Schuman/Garcia family. Julio and Susan, you come here today to celebrate your adopted son and daughter. We honor and bless these children who are placed into your care and keeping.

A gift from life itself, they come to you -- a special gift because you have chosen and have been chosen to receive Shika and Marc. To you they have been given. In due seriousness, and with joy and keen anticipation, we mark the moment of this new family. These two children have come into your lives and you have come into theirs. May this union bring happiness, growth, and lasting good to all of you.


As one sign of this naming/adoption, you will embrace these children with your name. Would you please introduce them to us by the name they will be called.


Parents: We present to you Marc Alex Garcia and Shika Rose Garcia.

Minister to the children: With joy and blessings we recognize and welcome you as son and daughter into this family. Your new parents wish to express in our presence their love and commitment as parents and have invited us to share their joy with them in this new relationship.

Minister to parents: What are the names of these children?

Parents pronounce the full names and the minister repeats them.

Minister to children: I say your names in the presence of all, Marc Eric Garcia and Shika Rose Garcia, and welcome you into the community of love and caring.

Minister to parents: Julio and Susan, do you take Marc and Shika as your son and daughter?

Parents: We do.

Minister to children: Do you take these people as your father and mother?

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