A Day in the Life of an Intuitive Family

When a child gets bad vibes about something, it's important for parents to pay attention.

From "The Wise Child" (Three Rivers Press). Used with permission.

My mother, the Sonia for whom I was named, was born in Romania, the second to the youngest of 10 children. Both her parents had very strong intuition. My grandmother, a religious woman, prayed openly for divine guidance and freely acknowledged a constant flow of intuitive direction. During World War II, at age 12, my mother was separated from her family during an air raid and was taken to a POW camp in Germany. Intuition became her lifeline to survival.

My mother gave us the message that no matter what we would face in life, no matter what challenges or obstacles, if we turned inward to our hearts, if we recognized and focused on our deep spiritual connection to the Universe, to God, then we would be guided and protected, because that is the natural plan. The Universe would unquestionably show us what to do, where to go, how to thrive, as it had for her. Our family's code word for this inner compass was "vibes," because that's what intuition felt like--a subtle, vibrating energy that centers in the heart and moves outward to the stomach, the gut, the chest, and throat. In my family, the inner voice was not the sixth sense. It was the first sense, the primary sense to focus on.


I constantly remind parents that creating an awareness of intuition is only part of the equation for living an intuitive life. The other part is having the willingness and flexibility to accept and respond to intuition fully when it does show up. Unless you can fully embrace the subtle guiding messages you and your children receive and act accordingly, its value and benefits will not be felt. Intuition is a gift, but it is up to you to accept the gift.

This means than you may at times have to change plans, give up old habits, break with tradition, rock the boat, challenge authority, or reverse your direction and beliefs in life.

Last winter, out of the blue, my daughter Sabrina started complaining about being scared to sleep in her own bed and begged me to let her sleep in our room. After a few nights of this, I told her that I would prefer she sleep in her room and that we needed to get to the bottom of her fears.

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