Parents are presented with many tough decisions over the course of their children's childhood - one of those decisions whether to homeschool their children or enroll them in public school. There are so many different angles to consider when making a decision that will affect a child's education and future.

Here are ten reasons experts recommend homeschooling as the right direction for children:

Take Action into Your Own Hands

Homeschooling your children will allow you to craft the curriculum and make it more appealing. Lessons can be taught outside and field trips can be anywhere. Children will have more educational opportunities that are not limited to the classroom and the school districts' regulations.


Safety is a constant concern now, in light of the recent shootings, around the nation. Parents now have to worry about the educational statue of their children's schooling in addition to their safety. If children are homeschooled parents are able to control the safety of their children.


Parents do not have to worry about signing their kids in and out for appointments or plan things around early release days, parent teacher conference days or any other school related schedule conflicts. Homeschooling provides parents with a huge amount of flexibility that will help everyone's schedule tremendously.

Individual Attention

Children that are homeschooled will receive individual attention and will not have to schedule one-on-one time with teachers and/or tutors. Students, who may not be inclined to asking for help because of large classroom sizes, will feel much more comfortable when asking for assistance.

In addition, a child with a learning disability benefits majorly from homeschooling because in most cases they need the individual attention that homeschooling offers. Parents are able to adjust curriculums to adhere to a certain disability or learning style.

No Schedule & Curriculum Restraints

As the teachers parents, are allowed to be creative and build the curriculum without the restraints of public school advisors. In addition, schedules can be adjusted to fit the family. The child is still able to have structure but will not be held down to schedule restraints that a public school would propose.

Religious Freedom

Parents are allowed to implement their religious beliefs and practices into the child's studies. Teaching religion during school time will display to the children that religion is just as important as learning to writing, reading and arithmetic.


With rising gas prices, parents that home school their children can save at the pump. Parents do not have to worry about the additional gas price of taking their children to and from school.

Closer Family Relationships

Parents will have a stronger relationship with their children because they are able to see firsthand their child's learning styles and be part of that environment. Being the one who provides your child with an education will deepen your relationship.

No Busywork

Instead of your child being bonked down with mindless busy work - you have options. Homeschooling allows parents to permit students to end school hours early, explore other educational subjects and activities or tackle other projects as a family.

Nutritional Value

The nutritional value of breakfast and lunches at school is constantly the talk of the media. By homeschooling your children, you will be allowed to make your own meals and make sure that your child is getting a healthy diet.