Meryl Streep: The 'Old Man of the Mountain' Crumbles

Actress Meryl Streep thinks it might be a sign.


06/13/2003 03:56:57 AM

mbwalz...I never said women were not to spread His Word!I did say that He chose 12 men to be His leaders.And yes I agree that God loves all people,I never said He didn't.So I don't know what you are responding to,but my guess is that you don't know either. I have the highest esteem for women who understand why God put them on Earth.I have 2 lovely daughters who love the Lord and know Him as their personal Savior.I do have a loving,lower opinion for women who think they got edited out!For if you believe that...than how can you believe any of it? What else did God edit out? can rest assured that none of my days are wasted!God's Peace To You!


06/13/2003 03:41:51 AM

Willow824...You neither challenged my stance nor gave me 1 line of Scripture to prove to me that this New Age thinking is right.Maybe you believe the Bible was written by men and edited out the women like mbwalz does!Please tunnel through the Bible with me and prove that you know anything about it!For you didn't quote 1 Scripture that challenges my stance!


06/11/2003 01:33:40 PM

Materusa and others are simply giving the answer most often submitted when they run out of answers...Satan is whispering in your ear. This answer usually comes up only when someone doesn't agree with them and challenges their stance to an indefensible point. I get this answer alot when I tunnel through the Bible along with them and use it to counter what they have given me as answers to my previous questions. Apparently knowing their book better than they do makes one a minion. ; )


06/10/2003 01:29:17 PM

Criminy! What misogony on this board. Dafty -"Only women with demonstrated ability should be in the workplace." That goes the SAME for men. As if there aren't brilliant woman. As if there aren't men who get their jobs because they play golf at the correct, exclusive (read exclude) golf club instead of their skills. And materusa, I'm sorry that you've been taught to have such a low opinion of women. The Lord chose believers, both men and women to spread His word. The women simply got edited out of the book. God loves all people who put their lives to work, both men and women. Don't waste another day of yours!


06/08/2003 09:55:49 PM

When America understands that you can think what you want about religion. And when people figure out that Solomon, that man with all the wives because he was probably impotent and couldn't go two nights with anyone, Solomon couldn't possibly have written a book of wisdom. When America knows who did write Proverbs. America might then be a country. Then you might hire women and men by their ability. And not for reason of sex. Especially because I believe Solomon was probably impotent whatever you think. Why would anyone keep trying so many times? Why, Hollywood?


06/08/2003 09:49:31 PM

I guess that's what's wrong with the writers in Hollywood these days. They've been messing around too much but they don't write for good actresses, do they? Of course Solomon didn't write the book of Proverbs. Any more than George Lucas wrote Star Wars. George Lucas's wife wrote Star Wars. George Lucas had no history of writing before he met his wife in a film editing room. So much for Solomon and Solomon's money. Which is going down the drain, huh, Meryl? Unless you can know brilliant writers with academic honors? I guess Hollywood doesn't know them anymore. Too bad nobody is interested in anyone's story anymore. Too bad you'd like to starve writers in America. Too bad we can't help you to care. To bad your writers don't understand how many men tried to sleep with Meryl and that they're just too ugly to write her story. There haven't really been any good films lately. The writing is so bad.


06/08/2003 09:42:04 PM

Yes, obviously King Solomon could not possibly have written lines that said a man should be faithful to the woman of their youth. A man who had 300 wives and 600 concubines could not possibly have written anything. He was a frog with a frog's mating habits. Which brings us to the problem of how that book could have been written in a country so deluded by the government. You will know a great woman by her work. That's all there is to it. And you don't have to believe anyone. Guess what? You don't have to believe anyone. If you want real mothers in your country, then read Proverbs and know about ability. You don't have families and you can't say your child is a joy to my world. You can't say your child is a joy to my world. Says America.


06/08/2003 09:36:00 PM

Meryl is a token great person of her profession. What happened to graduate in this country? First of all, beautiful women can't be faithful and intelligent woman couldn't possibly learn to change diapers. So say the graduates who are trusted by men. Men want women who are cute and under them. Do people on Beliefnet know absolutely that the Book of Proverbs was written by one of Solomon's bored wives? It could not possibly be written by Solomon. You didn't get A's in any interpretation of printed material if you didn't know that. Why go on with these lies? Only women with demonstrated ability should be in the workplace. A lot of women came out of the home and they talk about babies and they use up health insurance plans on the workplace. Ask your local brilliant woman what the hell is going on.


06/08/2003 08:55:36 PM

Meryl Streep is obviously a real actress. But why are there so many graduates of some other experience that dye their hair and act in a generic way? This is the problem. Whenever I see women who don't make the mark but someone told us to accept them, I wonder about the person who was cheated or disenfranchised. This is a serious problem in our country when so many men, especially, like a B grade woman or a woman who is not professional. So he can be professional and paid? Every time I see a person in a high place, an actress in Meryl Streep's place who isn't nearly as good, I always wonder which of those distinguished graduates was shoved into the gutter. Most people wouldn't believe the lies told about deserving women.


06/08/2003 08:34:59 PM

Meryl asks what happens to graduates? One of the problems is that if a woman is worth something to men outside of her degree and goals, she might not get there. Meryl is lucky. But there is a strange problem today concerning woman who are attractive - they can't diaper children, they can't be faithful, they can't be constant employees, etc. etc. There is too much evaluation of a woman's personal situation, her looks, her connection with men, for her to have another career besides acting. Well, Meryl won there because she's the one who acts. But the other women who are 10's. What's to become of them if men in their office want to sleep with them? Look at your great women. Are they great?


06/08/2003 11:16:10 AM

wholylight, here's more for you to digest...Matthew 7, 15 : "Watch out for false prophets,They come to you in sheep's clothing,but inwardly they are ferocious wolves." Is this Satan whispering in your ear that God's word is the old attitutes and the Old World and they don't work anymore? That you (woman) deserve better and I can give that to you with new attitudes and a New World.Sounds like a story he told before...see how some things never change? I will pray for your soul!


06/08/2003 11:01:41 AM

wholylight, I can only respond to you with the words of Jesus: "Be careful not to do your 'acts of righteousness' before men, to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven. so when you give to the needy,do not announce it with trumpets,as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets,to be honored by men. I tell you the truth,they have received their reward in full." Matthew 6,1-2


06/07/2003 09:04:52 PM

I don't think there is anything "odd" about how many women are graduating versus how many hold political positions. I think most women simply choose not to enter what is often an "unpleasant" field of work. Many women want the opportunities a degree offers as well as to play the role of house wife which is a career in itself. Statistics have always been misleading and often don't show what is really going on. Certainly there are prejudices but the real issue is money. Example? Do women really need men to support their sports when they are over half the population? Not really. Why wait for men to support you? The truth is that just as many women fail to support women as men do. I think many women just deny the power that they have. In most relationships I've seen- it's the women that wear the pants. If you are a probably hold more "sway" then you give yourself credit.


06/07/2003 05:22:40 PM

I love Meryl Streep! And for a different reason than you. Meryl Street knows who she is. She is not a writer. She is a convincing actress. I love the fact that she says what she wants to but she did not get a degree in English from Yale University. She graduated in performing arts, I read. This is a great thing, that she isn't great all the time. Isn't her speech just sort of medium? I like that. I almost think we should go back to a caste system. There are no supermen. Streep is a great actress but she's not a great writer. Let's go, ladies!


06/06/2003 07:27:39 AM

I am shocked by materusa's comment about the temptation of the fruit of women being the source of cultural problems. The huge number of single family homes are due to men clearly abdicating responsibility for their families--whether it be for financial ease or simply an inability to commit to the well-being of others over self. May THIS generation of men be better--& that's the hope of Meryl Streep and so many of us.How hard it must be for you to live in a body that is only used for temptation. Mine has birthed, loved, walked the Grand Canyon, skied America, sailed the Carribbean, snorkled among God's exquisite tropical fish, nursed babies, tended tenderly to the old & dying with nourishment and strength to feed & carry them through their last days...and on & on. Bless the Women & the Graduates--who need to be awakened to new attitudes and a New World, as Meryl Streep tried to do with her words.


06/05/2003 08:05:53 PM

"How do we know Jesus chose 12 men ? This question says it all. Enough said!!!!


06/05/2003 10:43:24 AM

I would argue that most of the discrepancies between the percentage of women in college and the women in positions of power is due to the fact that *these things take time*. The CEOs are still mostly those that grew up in a time when things were far more biased towards men. It's hard to go from nothing to something, and to blame this on the "glass ceiling" is short sighted. I wish that Streep had actually addressed the issue of male enrollment in college, rather than make a glib joke about women "taking over." North American men aren't the Taliban. Tablesandchairs: "women love it when men enter traditionally female dominated fields, mostly because it makes our salaries go up :)" Not always - think about the way our culture treats men in child care. The "Mr. Mom" stereotype hasn't changed in 30 years - look at Daddy Day Care. There was an article in about how women are almost gleeful about the "incompetence" of male caregivers.


06/05/2003 07:20:29 AM

Well, really I don't think Ms. Streep was primarily talking to the women graduates. It appears that you have totally missed her point. The only woman I know who wants to be a man is transsexual. How do we know Jesus chose 12 men? Men wrote the Bible. The Church has survived, how successfully is just an opinion. Single households may have more to do with irresponsible men than a fault of the single mother. Why don't you be open to God's plan and not just accept the men's version of what that plan is?


06/05/2003 05:54:08 AM

I would have been very upset if Meryl Streep gave that 1960's woman's lib carbage speech at my kids commencement. If I was one of the 1000 men in the audience, I would have walked out. She was to speak to all the grad's, not just the woman. One of our biggest problems in society today is that woman want to become men. I suppose Ms. Streep and the woman libber's today would be standing along the roadside's with signs protesting that Jesus was a bigot because He chose 12 MEN to be His leaders. Not one woman, wow how could He do that? How did the church survive without woman leadership all these years ? Is there a reason why we have so many single parent households since the 60's. Is it any wonder that our chilren are so messed up today with drugs and achohol ? I know God has a plan, but I think that women are once again tempting man with the forbidden fruit. And as we all know, nothing good ever comes of that!


06/04/2003 07:13:56 PM

rthomp where are the all these men dying to "enter women's events on an equal basis" and who said it "wouldn't be acceptable"? women love it when men enter traditionally female dominated fields, mostly because it makes our salaries go up :) -- besides Meryl said it best: "At the highest levels of achievement some men still find humiliation in competing (and potentially coming up short) against women. Why does it hurt more to lose to a girl, unless, deep down, you think girls are worth less than boys? This is an old and deep-seated and in many cases unconscious prejudice" Believe me, when those men who are still in the he-man woman-haters club house (a la The Little Rascals) want to climb down and join the rest of us, we'll welcome both the competition and camaraderie. T&C T&C


06/04/2003 04:10:32 PM

Meryl is right. There is a glass ceiling. Glass is transparent and can be shattered. Aim beyond it.


06/04/2003 04:03:30 PM

I can understand Meryl's concern about women being excluded from men's events. What she doesn't address is that if women can enter men's events on an equal basis, then men should be able to enter women's events on an equal basis. If this is not acceptable then the converse is not either and then her speech goes out the window. She wants equality for women, but not for men. Won't work!!


06/04/2003 02:57:39 AM

Meryl Streep's speech was good. I liked it.


06/03/2003 10:28:45 PM

Although this topic (of sexual politics) is a little played out, in almost all ways, it is refreshing to see someone taking it so seriously and lightly at the same time. Is there any question as to why Meryl Streep is one of my fave actresses?


06/03/2003 10:28:16 PM

What an awesome speech! And the idea of a type of Corperate chivalry is nice, and indeed enticeing, but in reality until the old gray haired men of yesteryear finally step down and the new generations of Men and Women step up to the plate then we will still be living back in the seventies. If (G-d willing) Hillary becomes pres, this will blast open all doors for women to be seen as competent leaders in the new world order.