Life After Graduation

Graduation day has come and gone. So what will you do after graduation? Get answers to common questions every graduate struggles with on life after college graduation.


10/22/2012 04:07:44 AM

It is so difficult to remain positive at present with the continual negative media coverage about the state of the UK’s economy and the lack of jobs. With all this doom and gloom it is near on impossible for anyone looking for a graduate jobs to keep their hopes up. Everyday I am faced with statistics about how many graduates are looking for work, how the average age of first time home owners has gone up and so much negativity that I feel like what is the point! But there is light at the end of the tunnel and people are happy so do not let it get you down, you must stay positive. With optimism you will succeed! It is crucial that you stay positive otherwise it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. How about treating yourself to time off job hunting, chill out with friends; watch a movie or anything that makes you happy so when you go to apply next time you’ll feel more refreshed and positive. You need to be spending a lot of time on your job hunt but make sure you factor in time off, so you don’t become consumed by the task.

07/11/2009 12:55:05 PM

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