Francis Cardinal Arinze: 'Arise, Rejoice! God is Calling You'

Cardinal Arinze's controversial speech on religion and family, including marriage and "irregular unions."


06/09/2003 11:40:04 AM

fromoz, I can see that you've had a lot of pain in this area of life. I'm sorry it's been that way. A healthy sex and love life can lift your spirits and give you the energy and enthusiasm to accomplish things. I hope that you can recover from the pain of your past, and experience the joy that a loving sexual relationship can bring.


06/06/2003 04:45:23 PM

KathyHL I suppose it's a matter of definition. I was thinking of pedophile priests - is that lust? Or a man who visits a prostitute - is that lust? Or homosexuals having sex with others in public toilets - is that lust? My first sexual experience was with a pedophile and I became very promiscuous as a means of harming myself - perhaps in the hope that god would forgive my sin of illegitimacy. I must confess to knowing or wanting to know anything much about sex. I know and appreciate the sexual desire between people who are already in love and I guess that's OK - but I still have trouble with people using other people for their own sexual gratification. For the life of me I don't understand why people need to be together exchanging body fluids - I found it quite repulsive and the way it was usually engaged in something that surely proves people evolved from animals?


06/05/2003 01:51:06 PM

fromoz said, "But surely if people regardless of their sexuality are out to satisfy their lust that is to be condemned?" What's so bad about lust?


06/05/2003 11:18:21 AM

You wouldn't care to cite an example of the Church changing its stance on something in order to stay in power, would you, HettieMae? I guess I am hard pressed to think of one myself.


06/05/2003 07:35:37 AM

Cardinal Arinze's claim that the Church's beliefs are non-negotiable are ridiculous. The Church has changed repeatedly to stay in power and keep the friendship of rich patrons. Oh, yes, the Church prefers the "traditional" family because that is where the money is. Well, I ask him, who did Jesus spend his time with? The Bible written by men says that he spent time with the wild, drinking, partying fishermen, you know, Peter and his bunch, and also, Mary Magdeline. These people became Jesus' family.


06/05/2003 05:10:57 AM

Cardinal Arinze's speech hit's squarely at the moral core that our society has sunk to,since the cultural revolution of the 60's and the destabilization of the family unit-His message evokes passionate emotion's pro & con ,depending on what side of the fence we call "TRUTH" you stand on...can anyone expect anything less from this messenger of the prince of peace;I think not....thank's for putting this up beliefnet


06/05/2003 12:04:55 AM

As far as his views on homosexuality go, Arinze should move to Salt Lake City and apply for the job of Mormon "prophet-in-chief". He's a dinosaur.


06/04/2003 09:12:39 PM

Forget the Bible? Surely it is responsible for so much diversity of belief that it can't be relied upon - and surely so many Christians are themselves ignoring its teachings (including those on homosexuality) that they are demonstrating the Bible should be thrown into the dustbin of history? There is love and there is lust. If two people are in love - and as an expression of that love and intimacy people engage in sex - surely that is not to be condemned. But surely if people regardless of their sexuality are out to satisfy their lust that is to be condemned? And surely it's absolute hypocrisy for any Christian to condemn homosexuality when so many churches are infested with pedophillia? Let them get the planks out of their own eyes and let them get their own houses in order before they start criticising others?


06/04/2003 06:20:30 PM

fromoz, Judging the leader, or the messenger for the disfunction or ignorance of the followers is wrong.It is wrong to blame Mohammed for the cowardly acts of 9/11, just as it is wrong to blame Christ or Christians for the rape camps of Milosovich. Only a very sick mind can advocate to kill in the name of the Creator. Both Moslem and Christian Holy Books agree judgement belongs to God. Can wealth be better distributed around the world? When we arrive here on earth we are naked, when we walk back to God,thee currency of the world stays here. Seems to me when we lived in smaller communities people took better care of the elderly, the poor, the orphan, the widow. When We, the people of the world start demanding from our spritual leaders the qualities of love, compassion, patience, humility, generosity, tolerance and respect for other religions that revere God then and only then we will get those types of spritual leaders. By then, we may not need them...When the student is ready, the teacher may appear.


06/04/2003 06:04:32 PM

Onebigworld said, "Arguments of sexuality are mere distractions to the core message." [copied from the article, text from Cardinal Arinze's speech] It is God himself who willed that a man and a woman should come to establish a permanent bond in marriage. Marriage gives rise to the family. [snippage] There the exercise of sexuality has its correct locus. [snippage] In many parts of the world, the family is under siege. It is opposed by an anti-life mentality as is seen in contraception, abortion, infanticide and euthanasia. It is scorned and banalized by pornography, desecrated by fornication and adultery, mocked by homosexuality, sabotaged by irregular unions and cut in two by divorce. If the above paragraphs aren't part of his core message, why did Cardinal Arinze include them in his speech?


06/04/2003 05:07:43 PM

KirbyDLewis Unfortunately the church was there with me as a child - sticking in the boot whenever it could - punishing me for my illegitimacy and punishing me for being left handed. And through "Christian" "charities" we see the empires being fed often by non-believers and more recruits being enlisted for the fight against non-believers and those rejected by god - but we see little of the charity that Jesus refered to in his parable about the good Samaritan?


06/04/2003 05:01:33 PM

rbethel, where is the Catholic church generous? In those gold clad buildings? In those nazi schools? In those pedophile priests? Where?


06/04/2003 04:36:18 PM

My experience in an Episcopal diocese after my divorce was that the Church preaches much about proper sexuality -- but does little or nothing to help people attain and maintain married happiness. The Church was not there for me when I was growing up in an abusive, dysfunctional family. The Church was not there for me when I was a lonely single desperately trying to connect with someone. I have no use for an institution or a religion that doesn't put its behavior where its mouth is.


06/04/2003 04:30:05 PM

Fromoz: oh please. Spare us. If there is an organization on the face of this Earth, anywhere - and I do mean ANYWHERE - that is as civic minded and charitable, I'd like to know what it is. As a percentage of its efforts, resources, time, I can guarantee that the Vatican is far, far more involved and generous than pretty much any body you can name. That may be an uncomfortable fact - but it does remain fact.


06/04/2003 04:26:53 PM

Isn't it so hypocritical that so many Christians give only lip service to rejecting materialism - while for example the Vatican is one of the wealthiest organizations on this planet? Imagine if all the churches on this planet actually followed the teachings of Jesus and gave up their wealth and followed him - just how many people around the world would be saved from poverty? But by not following the teachings of Jesus most Christians surely demonstrate that his teachings and therefore the man himself wasn't worth much? Either that or by their fruit they are demonstrating gross hypocrisy and are surely beneath contempt?


06/04/2003 04:18:13 PM

Arguments of sexuality are mere distractions to the core message.


06/04/2003 03:46:14 PM

How is it "attacking the traditional family" to be single, gay, or childfree? A true "attack" would be an attempt to prevent other people from having "traditional" families, or punishing them for doing so. We non-traditionals don't care if others want to be traditional; we just refuse to be forced into a traditional mold. Refusal to let the trad-values crowd boss us around does not equate to an "attack."


06/04/2003 03:40:17 PM

Thank you 'beliefnet' for including Cardinal Arinze's speech in your site. The words of the speech are beautiful. The Cardinal may have limited the meaning somewhat, however, by referring to "religion" and "church" as the unifying forces of life. The Holy Spirit is the only true force of unification and religions and churches are mere organizations of rituals. They are valuable only to the degree that they enable us to access the Holy Spirit through worship and fellowship. The one true church is not an organization or a building. It is in the heart of man. The importance of religious organizations and religious structures is diminished in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Jesus and His Father God who enabled the Holy Spirit to live among us must certainly have understood how much we would need His spirit as we struggle through life on earth. Thank our Heavenly Father for the gift of the Holy Spirit alive here on earth.


06/04/2003 11:57:41 AM

By combining all of those states as things "attacking" the family, Arinze tacitly equates them: no one of the above is portrayed as more or less abhorrent than the others. All but the most zealous Americans would hardly consider using a condom as an "anti-life mentality," or equate it with infanticide. As for being "mocked" by homosexuality, has he not heard that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? Allowing gays legal status for long-lasting relationships does absolutely nothing to the religious sacrament of marriage, and could not conceivably break up one heterosexual family.


06/04/2003 11:57:29 AM

A lot of things hurt, but that doesn't necessarily make them all true. Certainly the Cardinal could voice his opinion, but commencement speeches are also public fora watched by many non-Catholics; and whether official doctrine or not, some of his statements demonstrate a level of intolerance out of line with modern society and civil law. What people have problems with is this passage: "In many parts of the world, the family is under siege. It is opposed by an anti-life mentality as is seen in contraception, abortion, infanticide and euthanasia. It is scorned and banalized by pornography, desecrated by fornication and adultery, mocked by homosexuality, sabotaged by irregular unions and cut in two by divorce. "


06/04/2003 10:17:13 AM

Sometimes the truth hurts. I think it was a good life lesson which is what commencement speeches are about. I say kudos to Cardinal Anize for standing up for Truth and preaching the Light of that Truth to those who obvciously need it. Perhaps a few will have their hearts made restless to go in search of God's Truth in their own lives.


06/04/2003 08:52:55 AM

It is absolutely scandalous that students at a Catholic university had the audacity to label this speech as "controversial" - the Cardinal did nothing here but reiterate not only what the Catholic Church teaches, but what is arguably truth: many activists for anti-family causes demonstrably do demonstrate antipathy for anything that seeks to honour a traditional matrimonial family. These students should find another school if they have so much trouble with what is fairly basic Catholicism.


06/03/2003 10:32:56 PM

Yes, could you imagine something so controversial??? A Catholic Cardinal referencing Catholic teaching at a "Catholic" university? How dare he???!!! Way to go Beliefnet! Really frontpage stuff! Putting his speech up is clearly intended to mock him and Catholics in general. Yellow journalism at it's best. Well, it least Beliefnet's anti-Catholicism is made very clear.