Interfaith Families

Raising children in an interfaith family can be extremely challenging. Should parents choose one religion for their children? Should they teach both religions and let their child choose? Should they not push religion and faith at all?


08/13/2013 12:43:26 PM

I was raised in a home where my parents did not believe in forcing religion upon us but rather allowed us to find our own path and I truly believe this is one of the reasons why I chose the field I am in today; metaphysics. Without my parents encouragement in allowing me to discover God in my own way has provided me the opportunity to become who I am today both personally and professionally.


09/12/2011 04:29:45 PM

On a Muslim Beliefnet site providing counsel on the problems of interfaith marriage, no mention is made of the Muslim. Catholic, Jewish, Buddhist, and Pagan are provided as examples of the singular elements composing the binary molecule of such a marriage. But, of the three elemental monotheisms, Islam is excluded by reason manifestly of either accidental negligence or pure forgetfulness or good intention. Since it is true that, for any true Muslim, the neglect of the mention of Islam is as blasphemous a deed as the forgetting of it, I am rationally persuaded to conclude that it is by reason of good intention that the mention of Islam has been excluded from the list. As good as it may purport itself to be, is this intention born of pure or accidental exclusivism? Scilicet Ab Ambagibus.


12/16/2010 10:29:43 AM

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