Barna: 8 out of 10 young Christians can't apply their faith to everyday life

Pollsters look at the top six trends in faith for 2011


01/03/2012 03:52:26 PM

If the man who consented to speak at Georgetown University’s Gaston Hall only if the Christian Cross with the christogram IHS immediately beneath it is covered in order that it not be seen on camera is regarded by so many young Americans as a significant Christian leader, then the significance of Christianity, especially among the young, is in jeopardy. Exactly how has Obama promoted the cause of Christianity as to earn himself recognition as truly a promoter of its cause? Adhuc Gaudio Lugens.


12/30/2011 07:22:59 PM

What is so confusing to people about loving their neibor as you would have them love you, or loving your enemy, or loving God with with your whole heart body and soul? These are the principle core beliefs and actions that Jesus taught. Love for one another is all he cared about. Modern Christianity has confused the central point of Jesus' teachings with politics, business social matters that only distract us. Ask people how they would apply Christianity in their lives. If they are confused, bring them back to the golden rule: Love.