Why Do Muslims Fast During the Month of Ramadan?

We explain the islamic tradition of fasting during the muslim holy month of Ramadan.


07/09/2005 08:23:36 AM

is there something wrong with the laylatul Qadr section? please reply if you know this one sincerely. the laylatul Qadr or night of power, if i remember correctly is when the Quran in its entirety was sent to the lowest heaven. what the shiek put in about our beloved prophet receiving his first revelation was irrelevant. any takers?


11/06/2002 11:57:44 AM

MEDICATION This is my 1st Ramadan. I have to take daily medication (pills,taken with water), to alleviate a degenorative brain condition. At what times of the day during Ramadan is it OK for me to do so. My preference would be to take them prior to my Imsak prayers. Any informative replies greatly appreciated. Thank you.


11/15/2001 11:54:51 AM

Pregnancy—in any stage—and menstruation are not medical conditions. We abstain from fasting during menstruation for the same reason we abstain from prayer during that time—fasting and prayer are acts of worship and menstruation is a period of uncleanness. Pregnancy is not reason for abstaining from the fast unless it actually causes illness. Most women who are sick during pregnancy are sick during the early stage of pregnancy. They usually feel better if they eat several small meals during the day, which might make it difficult to complete the fast.


10/29/2001 06:05:52 PM

And now to address your question properly, as a diabetic you would not normally be able to fast, I believe you would have to pay the fidyah rather than fast (see "a person that is too old, too frail, or unable to fast the month of Ramadan").


10/29/2001 05:59:37 PM

No, the Qur'an is specific as to who must fast, as well as who is exempt from fasting. A person with a medical condition such as diabetes does not have to fast during Ramadan. For "temporary" conditions, such as pregnancy or menstrual cycle or other condition, the fast may be broken, but the days are to be made up at another time.


05/03/2001 03:05:57 PM

I am a diabetic, and I am required by my doctor to eat a certain amount of food at certain times throughout the day. Would I then need to practice _fidyah_ during Ramadan, were I to become a muslim?