Veterans Day Quotes

Celebrate Veterans Day 2013 with hero, soldier, courage, and Veteran's Day quotes that honor American war and military veterans.


11/04/2011 08:50:24 AM

They do deserve our gratitude. On Dec 10th with the support of Trainers Elite and Mmagearzone my team will be participating in the 911 Indoor Challenge, the largest static bike race in the world. It is recognized as one of the most unprecedented events of the year. This event not only honors our nation’s heroes, but it supports our everyday heroes – those individuals who persevere daily despite daunting obstacles. The 911 Indoor Challenge is in conjunction with the Snowball Express and World T.E.A.M Sports. The event supports and honors our military heroes, veterans organizations and those families that lost a family member on 9/11 and families that have lost family members in the military since 9/11. The 911 Indoor Challenge will encompass 2733 participants divided into three group’s red, white and blue. Each group has 911 bikes/riders. We will ride for 191.1 minutes non-stop. Please help support us in this wonderful cause and/or pass on to anyone that may. Please follow the link or our team link at: Thank You!


11/18/2009 04:41:29 AM

They do deserve our gratitude. We can never do enough for them. How many of you have visited a VA Hospital in the last year?


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