Five Ways to Welcome Change in the New Year

Raise your hand if you've had a crazy year with lots of changes--good, bad, or otherwise. OK! Just as I thought; we're all in this together.


01/06/2010 06:06:50 PM

I am having a hard time with the old and new change in my life. I have read some of the items you wrote re: change and I didn't realize that I need to welcome Change in my life. The picture of the cat & dog together was very good.....imagine a cat & dog getting along! So, that tells me to get along w/the old and new changes in my life........."everythings going to be alright!"


01/05/2010 09:47:38 AM

just like jhinkeva i am als unemployed for 2 years a year before that i lost my apartment to cuts in my hours and couldnt pay my rent any more i had to stay here and there even in my car for a spell while working two jobs i had a little money saved but no one would rent to me because i got evicted from my apt. but i kept on working while moving alot guessed it i lost both of my jobs one at a time had to move again this way up north pop. 700 so now its even harder to find a job talk about depressing i havent had a place of my own in 3and half years i miss all my stuff sitting in storage which i might end up losing when my unemployment runs out which will be soon.please pray for me and everyone else in the same boat.


12/31/2009 02:27:44 AM

Since November, I got laid off, my mom had 3 mimni strokes, my car died and today Dec.30th, my darling cat daughter of 20 years died. She never woke up from an ultrasound with anthestecia. We found out her tummy was swollen from small intestine cancer. My mom is now on hospice and my dad had dementia. My son has herniated discs and was turned down for disability and can't work . Bad year! Do I need a prayer?"


12/31/2009 01:13:38 AM

Thank you so much for this add it touches my heart.I have been struggling for 2 years now.I have lost my jobs and everything has change since then.I have tried so many way to find a job back but i have no changes at all.Everytime i have an interview they always they will cal back even do i called them and wanted a job somuch but i just felt that god is not with me at all.I return my car cause icant pay it anymore and its hurt so much to let it go but i have no way to pay it anymore.I would like to say Goodbye 2009 hopelly i can embrace the New year to come.sometimes i forget to breathe and say it happoen for a reason i guest.But hope this year will be a good year for me and find a job that i call my own.thank you god for being there for us with my children thru all my ups and down in life. Lompoc Ca.

Helen T.

01/29/2009 07:54:51 AM

Thank you for this article, it just reminded me of what I have always known , I have been struggling with some very major changes in my life this past year and I have found myself forgetting to breathe and just let it happen...You cannot avoid change , no matter what you do... It is always there..My son is in the Navy, and is Iraq, and chose to go... He has been there almost a year and it has been a difficult wait for him to return home, he is safe for now and is due to return home to the States in a couple of months... In the mean time, my 18 year old daughter has made me a grandmother... my grandson was born 6 weeks early, and he will soon be three months old... Life is all about change, and you have to roll with it, because if you don't keep the faith and do it, you will go insane trying to live... These two things have been the biggest changes in my life (in 2008) and have been the most difficult to live with... But you do get to a place where ,you feel that everything will be alright... God has been good to me and my family and I believe that He will continue to Bless me and my family...


01/04/2009 05:03:43 PM

This was enlightening. However, I nearly missed reading it. Like many people, I'm extremely busy and the heavy time-consuming ads that accompany the articles prohibit my taking time to learn from them. Thank-you, though.


01/03/2009 07:05:31 AM

Thanks bunches for this article. This will help me ride through the undulant journey in 2009 with a great sense of gratefulness in my heart for whatever will be. I just know that the Greatest Spirit will see me through. A healthy, abundant, and happy New Year to you and all! ;-)


01/03/2009 01:23:24 AM

I found this article inspirational. (or I read it at the right time) I'd been feeling a little overwhelemed today with what I want to accomplish in the near future. I've asked for God's help but I hadn't really put it into God's hands. This article reminded me how small I am how easy it is to be arrogant and assume I'm the real doer just asking for a little assistance when I'm really just the small doer who needs to step back and let the Big Guy do His stuff. It's a lot less stressful and a lot more relaxing that way anyway (and puts me back in my place occasionally).