Words for Weary Mothers

Repeat these words after me: It is not my job to run the world.


05/09/2005 03:12:44 PM

in Nov.my oldest will be 21. but the day he was born, I remember holding him and looking out the window of the hospital room. I said,Lord what have I done??? I got a real quick answer, for I remember the love that seemed to fill me like no other love. In my mind, the Lord had sent a blessing, just for me. So I gave him back to the Lord. I've never regretted it. I've had 2 others also. And when I finally got that moment with them by myself, they too, were given back. You see, the Lord sent them to bless me and to bless others. And their lives have.


05/08/2005 06:03:04 PM

Max Lucado's words are indeed inspiring. Happy Mothers Day to all, even those not yet mothers :) We've all played that role at some point in our lives, right? As of this Mothers Day, I am both a mommy to a 2 1/2 year old, and a mother -to-be at 18 weeks. What a great day!


05/08/2005 02:14:42 PM

right now my son is preparing for finals at school, setting up an apartment, making sure summer job is going to fulfill needs, and trying to get his summer classes paid for. Physically, he just finished spring football. he said this morning, Mom, i don't know when I'll get a break. The summer is full. I told him, shhh. your stressing. Like the rest of us, he said, but...but... but... All i could think to say was something I have to tell myself. It says,"Be still, and know that I am God."


05/07/2005 01:04:13 PM

The words in Mr. Lucado's article was not just for weary mothers; but I think for all of us. It gave me new insight to the 23rd Psalm. As a child growing up in Sunday School, I was made to memorize it just like everyone else and never thought abut it. Thank you Mr. Lucado for giving me a new view on something I always took for granted.