Motherhood Even Before Childbirth

It begins with a woman's longing to be connected to a baby.


03/23/2007 05:11:05 PM

I am now getting the same link for "Motherhood", and being the type who has to share when it comes to my kids I'll use what I've been given. When I was pregnant With number two and three, the day after conception I got an incredible 'rush' that I've never forgotten, nor experienced again. (if it happened the first time I didn't realize/recognize what it was) It was so strong and unique, I knew immediately I was pregnant. With all three I had dreams of them, including their sex. With no. 3, I dreamed I had a baby girl who looks exactly like her sister, she does. With no. 2 I dreamed I had a boy named Matthew. This was not a name we had considered, but the next time I went through the name book I looked it up, 'Gift from God', well he is, but I think the true meaning was after the doctor induced nightmares I experienced with my first delivery, I was given two gifts that day, a healthy baby boy and my femininty restored.


03/23/2007 03:07:11 PM

This is a lovely if spiritual way of expressing the love one feels for her enfant and feeding him. Before you take exception to these views, remember she is speaking from a strongly Catholic religious backround. She states any woman who doesn't 'know' about breastfeeding has been WRONGED. That would include all those women and men out there who don't know how to care for or even love their babies. In a way that would put it back on to those of us who do know. CJ


08/12/2006 09:04:43 AM

Dad and Baby miss out if Mom breastfeeds? Absurd! I don't understand why there is this pervasive view that only through food can someone bond with a baby. Babies need to be bathed. Babies need to be changed. Babies need to be held and cuddled and walked and rocked and tickled and kissed. Babies need to be touched. Touch is AS important as food to a baby. Dads can do all of those things, and so can Grandmas and Grandpas and aunties and anyone else who cries foul on breastfeeding for leaving them out of the bonding process. Thinking otherwise is just plain lazy thinking.


08/09/2006 11:45:06 PM

I work with children and families in which,for many, a can of similac and some one that gets it any where near the baby's mouth is a gift from God. These parents were wronged when they were growing up and they are wronging their children. And then there are the shades of grey. People doing the best they can in the situations they find themselves. I didn't find Ms. Wiley's view disturbing. I appreciate her ability to express her personal spirituality related to breastfeeding. Even though it's so far away from my life and realities.


05/17/2006 04:48:22 PM

I find the author's suggestion that bottle feeding has no unitive purpose disturbing. If done properly (always holding the baby to feed, never propping a bottle, feeding whenever the baby is hungry rather than trying to impose a strict schedule), bottle feeding can be just as bonding as breast feeding. It also allows for bonding with the dad. I breastfed mostly because it's free and i'm not coordinated enough to hold a baby and a bottle at the same time, but i realize that both my son and my husband missed out because of this decision.