Mama Taught Me to Pray

When his sister was seriously ill, T.D. Jakes's tough-minded mother stormed heaven with her prayers.


05/15/2006 02:17:07 AM

Grandma Houston gave me beauty and Grandma Richards gave me love and sour cream prune-filled cookies she made herself. One was dark with snappy black eyes snd a temperament to match. One was fair with pink skin. I loved them both and think of them very often.


05/14/2006 01:18:58 PM

PRAISE THE LORD!!!! I really enjoyed the article. I am a living witness to the power of prayer. In 1996, I was charged with a crime where the state wanted to seek the death penalty on me but through the power of prayer I was sentenced to Natural Life in a Mental Institution but I never ceased praying. In 2005, I was released from the mental institution after being their 8 years. I am now going to school part-time and working part-time. I made the Dean's list last year. The Power of prayer is just that "Power." You don't have to get on your knees just talk to God He will listen and if you listen He responds. And when He responds don't forget to Thank HIM! Cause miracles still happens. I am a living witness to that.


05/14/2006 05:46:27 AM

GOD ABUNDANTLY BLESS MY MOTHER. She has given me strength to battle my illness when dhe herself is going through Leukemia,Lymphoma and removal of a kidney. She struggles through life every day and gives me the encouragement to go on.Without her, I feel I would die! I'm very selfish and would love her on this earth forever. She is my rock and for that I am so grateful and thankful God has put her in my life! Happy Mother's Day to the most wonderful Mother in the world. One that has always sacrificed for the sake of my brother and I. With much thankfulness for everything she has done, I love you with my whole heart. She is the reason I have faith.


05/13/2006 06:49:43 PM

The other day my son was in a chess tournament..he was pretty disappointed when he lose the first match. I enocuraged him and told him he could try again in the next match..he was pretty quiet while we were waiting for the next match, and I asked him what was wrong, and he said he was praying and asking God to help him for the next match...what a great feeling that is for a mother, to see her child seek out God independantly of her, to establish their own special relationship with their heavenly Father. *by the way, he won the next 4 games and stayed in the match for quite some time-;-) who knows if God gets involved in a chess tournament, but U never know..:-) God works in mysterious ways...God Bless all of the mothers whose life lessons of faith and prayer carry on a legacy of faith and hope throughout the generations.


05/13/2006 06:47:48 PM

(sorry for the double posting there...didnt know the 1st had sent) every day we pray for family members who are spread out across the country, and for friends, as praying for them connects us to them, our love and prayers are sent across the miles, to help them in their trials Her faith is like a rock, the core strength of what makes her who she is. Her faith has weathered many a storm and has been the anchor for the family, a safe haven, the eye of the storm..for her faith in God was inspirational to all of us. My mom said when I went through the chaotic teenager years she spent many a night on her knees praying and crying out to God for my safety and to come back home to God, to find my way back to the path that leads to life...and I truly believe she is a big reason why I am still here today, for the cries of a mother to the Lord are powerful and piercing...the Spirit can hear utterings of the deepest part of our soul, and can help pass that along..


05/13/2006 06:44:27 PM

what a beautiful article..I have some of T.D. Jakes music and have always found it inspirational. My momma was a deep source of spiritual guidance for me. I can remember seeing her reading the Bible with her free time and just sitting there praying quietly. She also prayed with us kids, on many different occasions...not just for the biggies, but for the many little everyday moments that make up a day-such as thanking God for the beautiful sunset. I have carried on her legacy and am now teaching my son that he can ask God for help, not just through words but through my everyday actions, how God is involved in the everyday moments of our lives. When we see an amubulance speeding by, or a cop car or a fire truck rushing towards the scene of chaos, we always say a prayer and ask God to help protect and guide the emergency workers and to comfort and heal the victims. .


05/13/2006 04:57:42 PM

In 1996, my mother passed away. When Mom died she had breast cancer and she was a stroke victim. My mother had a beautiful voice, and could often be heard singing praises to God. I also remember my Mom sitting on the edge of her bed reading her Bible.


05/13/2006 07:56:41 AM

Nice testamonial, but I cannot help but think how devestating it is when the outcome is not recovery but deep suffering and death. This is where the crisis moment of faith is often reached, and not everyone will like Job patiently wait out his suffering until God speaks directly to the soul. Some will cry out their anguish, and die in torment over the hurdle of terrible suffering for themselves, their loved ones, and their world.


05/12/2006 11:36:11 PM

The best prayer is when a soul cries in agony it guhes out like a spring of cool water from the bowel of the earth .It has no flowery language but one can attract the Grace of God to one's advantage with such kind of prayer. It has feeling unlike some of the prayers with flowery language which become a deliberate art but without feeling. Besdies to repeat someone else prayers is like borrowing other people's clothing - it will not fit.


05/12/2006 10:01:50 PM

I understand all to well Pastor Jakes position. My mother inspired me to become a minister. Saddly it was after she passed from this world, but it was her inspiration none the less. My mother loved me so much I knew Gods love for me had to be so much greater. Therefore God had this love for everyone else. She taught me love should be the standard, not the exception...and live that. If she could love me with all my inperfections, how could God love me less? I am not unique, just one more human. Rev