An Otherwise Gray Day

After her passing, did Mom send an angel to comfort her daughters?


06/28/2006 01:34:55 PM

My husbands grandmother (who really raised him) was very ill and taken to the hospital she was a fighter and was clinging to life. My husband knew her time was near but didn't want to give her up. I told him she had taken care of him her whole life and it was time he took care of her. I had to go home and pick up his brother who had been out of town to bring him to the hospital. I hurried as fast as I could but as we were rushing into the hospital their Aunt was walking in and she told us she was gone. We went to the room fully expecting her to be gone but there sat my husband smiling talking to the Preacher who came by. He told me that she had been restless and he knew she was trying to come back so he took her hand and brushed her hair back and told her it was time that she took a rest and that she could go to sleep. He said she took several deep breathes and then she was gone. He said he knew she was at peace and it was the best thing he had ever done in his life.


05/20/2006 08:00:11 PM

My beloved Mother-in-Law was hospi-talized in heart failure;as a nurse I knew death was close. My husband and I sat at her bedside that nite, each of us recalling when earlier that morning Mom had announced the presence of my husband's deceased Grandmother. We both sensed that his Granny had come to help Mom cross over on her journey home to Heaven. We held her hands, one on each side of the bed; the nurse in attendance at the end of the bed.We all slowly drifted off to sleep. I awoke to discover that Mom had died while we had our eyes shut.Perhaps, knowing we still hesitated to let go, she had asked God to close our eyes that she may go in Peace, ac- companied by her angels, on that last final journey to Heaven.


06/17/2002 09:01:04 PM

I truly believe in and love Angels.I've had a few experinces with Angels in my live. I all so believe that we have Guardin Angels by our side to protect us and to gaurd and lead us down our lives plan that our heavenly Father,God, Has plans for us. Angels are God's helpers. Carol


05/16/2002 07:25:39 PM

I do believe in angels as messengers of God. I have not had an experience as the one in the article but I think it can happen. I believe in divine intervention and divine favor in the life of christians.