100 Promises to My Baby

As a new mother, I rediscovered the spiritual values taught to me by my own parents, Rita and Deepak Chopra.


05/10/2005 12:07:29 PM

Gotham is a cool name, it looks at parental heritage, yet has that dramatic batman accent. Perhaps they liked the name Gotham, and that is why they named their child that.


05/09/2005 12:33:21 PM

theconsultant, ummm...i don't know how to tell you this, but if you look at a lot of indian baby name websites, "Gotham" is an alternate spelling of the name "Gautam." I don't know if the chopra's pronounce it like the gotham in the "gotham city" in the batman comics. There is a big problem in trying to transliterate names into the english language from India because of the use of syllables and sounds that one language has and the other doesn't. For instance, Tamil doesn't have the sound "ba" like in the word "Bog." And english doesn't have the sounds, "mrd" or "zh" which are used in tamil and hindi words commonly. Anyway, I think the chopra's meant to give their kid the name "Gautam," but may have chosen an alternate spelling of it. So, don't be too angry. On another note, this article was wonderful!


05/06/2005 12:07:15 PM

I was very touched by this lovely young mother's sense of caring and connection with her babies even before they were born. Clearly she is a wonderful mother, a credit to both her parents. I remember also being very worried about whether I would be a good mother. I had to learn to be still and know that God is our true Parent and is always present. This was a great help to me and my kids.


05/05/2005 02:58:08 PM

i tell you what really bothers me about this. deepak chopra, i presume, wants you to be true to yourself etc. well, his son's name Gotham, is hardly true to his heritage. what it probably is is a more common Indian name -- Gautam and basiclaly, we Westernized it. It's a common trend abroad for South Asians to alter their Indian name or take on additional Western names (Dilip = Derek; Jaspal = Paul and so on) -- mostly to be easier to deal with in the business community. But when I heard that Chopra's son was called Gotham, that just really dropped him a few notches in my book. He has the right to name his child whatever he wants. But this , to me, smacked of pretension and opportunism. I'm Indian and have dealt with confusion around my name all my life -- but it's mine, it has history and meaning and its part of my heritage. Somewhere along the line, maybe Chopra forgot that.