First Fruits for the Family

Observing Kwanzaa is an important part of sharing African heritage with family.


12/26/2004 08:40:28 AM

The day after Christmas is as important to our family as Christmas Day. As the single parent of a biracial child, it is important to me to include her African-American heritage in the holiday season. We do have our mkeka, kinara and kikombe cha umoja that are used every kwanzaa. And each year, we make a special shopping trip to buy our 'crops' and our candles. I want her to one day pass this tradition to her family. I named her Nia, and she is especially proud of that. On the 5th day of Kwanzaa she gets an extra special gift. Happy Kwanzaa to all, and I wish you peace. Gillian and Nia Walker


12/27/2002 11:13:29 AM

We used to participate in the large community Kwanzaas but they really don't allow for the kind of sharing that is intended. The statement of goals followed by an accounting year to year and the support for those goals is lost in a large group. So we do it with one other family and sometimes one other guest. On days when we don't have a program we gather, light a candle and state the principle.


12/25/2000 02:09:46 PM

The year is spent working and surviving life. During the week of Kwanzaa, I take time to remember my ancestors that made the way for my comforts. I read about historical African-Americans as tell as family member who pray us through.


12/25/2000 01:55:37 AM

Normally, I go away for ten days this time of the year. I've never been to a Kwanzaa celebration. Perhaps this is the year that I can go.


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