The Music Coming from the House

When a disguised king visits a poor village, what he sees through the window of a house changes his life.


08/05/2009 02:56:47 PM

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12/20/2008 09:16:58 PM

I like the story because the king actually was a compassionate man, who was able to empathise with the poor family. I am thankful that he did not forget about the problems of the poor as he had for past years. I believe very strongly that God does talk to us, through his angels, or whatever avenue he wishes to use. Sometimes we cannot hear him. I dare say that sometimes we try to ignore Him when we know we are doing wrong. I love God for he loves me first. He sent His son Jesus to take the punishment that rightfully belongs to me. It is important to be in disguise when you trying to help people.


12/20/2008 11:21:11 AM

This hits home...right now...I relate to the young poor scribe...hoping to make it alive, to make it to my one chance in life...a miracle...hopefully I'll be at the right place at the right time...with the right people...could use a prayer in this area...thanx...


12/20/2008 06:18:51 AM

This story touched my heart deeply. I believe that if something "touches" you deeply, then God must be whipering in your ear..or screaming at you.. It reminded me to "pass it forward" when something good happens to or for you. Or for that matter, even when you witness something that touches you... DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT... it doesn't have to be as big as giving someone a job. Sometimes it can be as simple as a hug, a smile or a Thank you.... Being aware of needs of those around you is very important. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all!!.


12/19/2008 04:48:56 PM

This is a reminder that poverty is a state of mind. He/she who can love, dance and celebrate (any reason is good...Christmas being the birth of a child), even in a hut, is never poor. I wish I knew this when I was young and poor! I love Mr. Coelho spiritual images. What a great movie this story would make. Have peace in your hearts today!

12/19/2008 02:42:31 PM

Rose of Love I read your note and thought of the scribe. Tell me what is it you are offering for others to do and share? With reference to the story I only wish there were more kings as the one in that short story. We would probably feel a lot better, although the position was meant for one boy and what about the rest? Well that's the way life is.

rose of love

12/19/2008 09:00:28 AM

Even though I don't celebrate Christmas - I am also from a "far distant land" (Israel) and would like to offer sincere help to anyone who is looking for a way to make a decent living by helping other people . For all those "scribes" out there who are not afraid of learning and applying new skills, who believe they can become "more" and "better" than they are being now and are willing to make a serious efford and take responsability to get there. This is one of these offers in a lifetime that can take you from where you are now to the place you have dreamt of all of your life. Feel free to contact me by mail and I will send you more details. My wish to you all is: May this coming year be the start of positive new beginnings that will lead you closer to your destiny of becoming who you are supposed to be - in full glory and nothing less than that! Remember - you deserve to be happy and fullfilled - it is your birthright. Peace and love to all.

Humble in Houston

12/19/2008 07:03:16 AM

I am a king. I will hire a scribe today. God Bless you who reads this. Merry Christmas.

Hoang Nguyen Thien Phong

12/19/2008 05:58:00 AM

What a hearted-moving story! Every one of us has our own things better than that of so many shabbily dressed men and women outside who needs the King offer them a chance to earn their living. It will be so kind for each of us who could be a King as the One in the story to share what we could do and make them smiling especially in this Christmas season. Every heart we warm will become a candle burning in the cold winter nights to light up our life. I am very happy to do so. You are, too! May God bless us.


12/19/2008 04:39:43 AM

This story is so true, so many times I have wanted to complain about something that I need and I don't have, then God always reminds me that there are people, families out in the world that have it a whole lot worse then I do. At least I a roof over my head and when its bitter cold out, I can say it might not be much but it least its warm. So I praise God and thank Him dearly for the things I do have.


12/19/2008 02:25:31 AM

My mother said the same thing jselim about dont cry if you have no shoes, because there are people withiut any feet. It is good to hear that saying again since my mother has gone to be with the Lord. God bless you and have a wondergul Christmas.


12/19/2008 01:49:32 AM

This is a very hearfelt story and should make us all take a look at our own blessings and stop complaining. My mom once told me the storuy of the person who complained becasue he had no shoes, he looked around and saw a man who had no feet. So I thin all of us should count our blessings. Merry Christmad and God bless all of us. JSelim 12/19/08